Monday, June 1, 2015

Musical journey (58)

For my May musical post (posted on the first day of June due to technical issues), I will be sharing a live clip I did on the night when I crashed my friend's gig at a pub in downtown Orchard Road (here is a picture I took that night). Gig-crashing has become a holiday-back-home tradition and I always look forward to it as it is the only chance I can truly enjoy performing in front of an audience. Of course this trip back to Singapore wouldn't be complete without it.

This video features "Yellow" by Coldplay. I know this song is quite over-sung but I don't have a wide English pop repertoire and I had to make do with it due to a lack of preparation typical of gig-crashes. I felt so high after the song and I hope you can see from the clip how much I enjoyed my short time on stage that night.

Hopefully this musical post will end the entire series on a good note (the previous four parts can be found here, here, here and here). I SO look forward to my next Singapore trip in les than 3 weeks' time!

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