Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hotness at the hot spring

I am now back in good old Papua New Guinea after an amazing two-week trip back to Singapore. Pictures from a certain fabulous event (I will not reveal what it is yet although people who are on my Facebook would have already known) that took place on 28 June 2015 during that vacation will be posted once I have time to sort through the pictures.

Things are starkly different when I am back at work though. I have just experienced first-hand how it is like to not have running water to drink, shower, do laundry and flush the toilet with because the person who was supposed to monitor water tank levels was not doing his job. As I am a non-essential person at the remote site, I have been asked to return to the base camp so as to help reduce water demand. Oh well, looks like the progress of my project is going to suffer yet again. There is always something here that keeps me in a "WTF" state-of-mind and this loss-of-water is just the latest in the long string of such events. Fortunately it is the start of the rainy season and the remote camp could survive on collecting rain water (using waste bins which are the only buckets available here). Imagine having to cook for the entire camp population using water collected this way! I reckon some heads should roll for this incident which is still being kept hush-hush. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, as promised in this earlier post, here are the pictures of me when my mum and I were at the hot spring in Mornington Peninsula back in March. I apologise if they are not of very high quality but this DIY shoot's photographer is a 70-year old lady! Hopefully the hotness of the subject more than compensates for the lack of pizzazz in the shots. We had so much fun that day and if I were there as a visitor looking at how close this son is to his mother and vice versa, I would be green with envy.

I wonder if I can do a proper photo shoot at the Hot Springs...

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