Friday, July 31, 2015

Musical journey (60)

As you all know, I am a Faye Wong fan. I fell in love with her angelic voice ever since I was a teenager and I have all her albums. Although her last one was released more than ten years ago back in 2003, she has been constantly involved in live performances, concerts and recording numbers for movie soundtracks, all of which I have followed (her latest work can be found here). Faye Wong has so many hits but it is the rare ones that truly capture my attention. So when it comes to doing a cover of one of my idol's songs, I knew I had to choose the road less travelled, musically-speaking.

Do you know that Faye actually starred in a Japanese drama serial (ウソコイ or Uso Koi)? I watched it as soon as it was released. I am her fan but I am a rational fan and I think she should just stick to singing but nonetheless it was a very good effort on her part. This month's musical post is a cover of the title song from that show called "Separate Ways". I sang it in the original key meaning almost all of it would be in falsetto. I like my falsetto so I hope you won't think that I have ruined the song with it. Oh and the song is in Japanese of course.

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