Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wedding bells (part 1)

On 28th June 2015, a very special event took place and it was our wedding reception (something I have alluded to vaguely on purpose several times on this blog). It was originally going to be only a Singapore trip by myself but the fact that my mum decided to celebrate her 70th birthday gave Ision the purpose to come with me (strangely he only travels when there is a clear reason to). Also we converted our civil union into a full-fledged marriage at the Melbourne British consulate on our 8th anniversary a month before that. Once the location was decided, all the required elements were then in place and we knew we had to add this wedding reception to our itinerary. Preparations ensued with the sending of invites, planning for the menu and program and so on. We wanted it to be a small intimate affair so it was not too difficult to get it organised–most of the work if not all of it was done by me. As a person with OCD, this couldn’t be done any other way!

In seven posts (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), I will share with you the pictures from that day, including a clip of something that was meant to be a surprise for boo. In this first entry, the day’s décor will be featured.

I must admit when my friend Ivan opened his restaurant, I didn’t think it could be the venue for our special day but since I made the decision to do it there, I couldn’t think of a better place.
The décor is what I call “rustic-urban with a retro twist”. I left the theme totally in Ivan’s hands other than to remove anything too feminine (because it is not a man/woman wedding) and to make sure we don’t wear the same colour as the wait staff.
 One of the main features of this top floor of the restaurant where the reception took place is the fabulous mural on the wall. Many pictures were taken in front of it that day.
 Another very warm shot before the guests arrived. I was told the restaurant staff stayed till 2am the night before to set everything up. Great work people!
This was the centrepiece on the VIP table (reserved for family members). I didn’t expect this as I thought it was free-seating but it was really a nice touch.
 Two views of the customised menu which I personally approved. I have dined there before and had so much confidence in Ivan’s team that I didn’t require a taste test (not that it was possible with me being in Australia). The “Kim & Ision” stamp on the menu made us feel so special and it really brought the whole theme together.
 An unassuming shop house by the street on the exterior but what a gem of a location once you step inside. I certainly recommend this restaurant to all my friends who are looking for places to hold their special events.

In the next post, candid shots will be featured. In my opinion these are the moments that really deserve capturing, so stay tuned.

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