Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wedding bells (part 2)

In this second wedding reception post in my wedding series (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), you’ll get a feel of the atmosphere on that day. In this age of sharing pictures on social media, you don’t really need an event photographer because all you need to do is to ask for the pictures taken by all your guests and voila you would have obtained more pictures that you will ever need. What is even better about this is you’ll get pictures from different vantage points, often impossible for a single photographer to capture no matter how professional he or she is. However I still had my dear friend Roy taking up the role of the roving photographer snapping both candid and posed shots. As a gay activist who likes to document events, it didn’t take any effort at all on my part before he agreed to do me this favour.

The three earliest people on the scene (us and mum) chilling over coffee and drinks. If you think this corner of the restaurant looks familiar, that is because I had a photo shoot there earlier this year and have posted a preview here.
Pre-lunch mingling when cocktails and open-faced sandwiches were served. Much alcohol were consumed and selfies were taken while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Ladies enjoying themselves before the wedding toast took place.
Us seated at the VIP table with mum beside me. Needless to say Ision and I were both busy sharing freshly taken pictures on Facebook. This is the sign of the times so there is only one thing I want to say to people who frown upon this–DEAL WITH IT!
Another shot of us pre-occupied with a smartphone, oblivious to everything else. Expectedly the waiting staff also had to double up as part-time photographers.
All seated enjoying the first course of the day. 40 people were invited but only 30 or so could make it. We wouldn’t want the event to be any bigger, given that we are both really quite anti-social people (i.e. we have no energy to deal with acquaintances, just close friends and family).
 What do good hosts do in between courses? Chat with the guests of course. This is Ision doing it (albeit in an uncomfortable squatting position due to his height)…
…while this is me doing it at one end of the long table. Suffice to say I totally lost my voice due to how much I drank and talked on that day (I have actually not fully recovered yet).
Still want some more? You’d have to wait for a few days for my next post!


Chris said...

Lovely pics! Can't wait for the rest of them.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. It was a great day for both of us and it shows in the pictures!