Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wedding bells (part 3)

A lot of people would agree with me when I say that one significant reason for having a wedding is so that friends and family can share the joy. What is also important is to make sure that they enjoy themselves on that day and from the shots in this third wedding post, I think we managed to achieve that. The entire wedding series is here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Donning the best pieces from her diamond-arsenal with some worn for the first time, here is the prettiest lady that day. She would have never thought her youngest baby would one day grow up to marry another man. Here’s to the coolest mum: I love you!
With smiles from ear to ear and waving the customised “Kim & Ision” skewer/flag thingies, I can only assume this couple who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur specially for us were having maximum fun.
The women of my family. From left to right: eldest sister, mum, second elder sister, sister-in-law and niece.
The pair with the bear. This cute couple never leaves home without their favourite Winnie the Pooh. I knew both of them individually before they got together and boy was that long ago.
Another shot of beautiful ladies in the house.
Two other happy friends showing off their pearly whites. One of them is quite a famous food blogger so I really hope he liked the food that day. I love this shot because another couple were caught perfectly in this selfie as well by pure chance.
My second elder sister has just moved back to Singapore from Texas with her family and I have not caught up with her for a long time. Beside my mum is one of my sister’s adorable sons. At the wedding I also caught up with my brother-in-law whom I have not spoken with at length for years (if ever).
A really floral shot of my mum with the singers I got to know way back when I started gigging. Second from the right is my best pal Phoebee who was also the emcee for the day. Emceeing for weddings is one of her main jobs and so there couldn’t be a better candidate for this important role.
If you are dying to have a “taste” of the excellent menu, you are in luck because food will be the topic of my next post which will be up very soon. Save up your saliva till then!

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