Monday, September 21, 2015

Wedding bells (part 5)

In this fifth post of the wedding series (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), there will be pictures Ision and I took with our guests. How can there not be a post dedicated to the people who made the day extra special?

I know it is the way the photos have been edited but we absolutely glowed that day. I guess love was the source of that radiance.
We termed the background of this shot “the wall with character” and it was featured in many pictures. This is one of us with my family (plus sister-in-law sans brother) and is one of my favourites.
This is another wall of the restaurant made to be stood in front of when taking pictures. This shot not only features the stunning mural, Ision’s friends are in it as well.
Us and the singers. Unfortunately one of the girls had to leave early due to work commitments. I hope she had a ball!
The guy in the picture is my high school friend (with his wife beside him) and though very different in nature and interests, we somehow kept in contact all these years. Coincidentally, Ision and I attended their wedding banquet five days later!
This girl is my university friend and is yet another of those characters that you wouldn’t think you would ever become close friends with due to differences in personalities and interests but strong bonds can develop in the strangest of places and circumstances. On my right is her husband.
Us with the cute couple with the matching outfits. Many people asked if we were going to be in tuxedos and I thought they were out of their minds as we wanted something as easy and casual as possible. My shirt was actually a gift from Ision–Burberry no less!
Here is another group shot of Ision with his friends who had over the years become mine too.
This is the amateur photographer of the day with his trademark pose and is my good friend. Many thanks to him for helping me out! By the way can you tell that I have make-up on?

We are coming towards the end of the series but I have two more posts and I have saved the best for last, so watch this space.

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