Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wedding bells (part 6)

What is a wedding without a toast and what is a wedding without some form of announcement to the world that your love for your partner is greater than everything else in it? I started to organise the wedding program with the emcee (my best pal Phoebee) about two months before the event and the essence I was looking for was simplicity i.e. none of the rowdy shindigs typical of other traditional weddings. So we simply took turns to address the guests and then the emcee initiated a single civilised toast. However I did not leave things there–how could I as a singer/songwriter not write something new for the special day and sing it to the person I love so much? I had this planned all along but it was meant to be a surprise for Ision. The song I wrote for him is called “Sure Thing” and I sang it straight after the toast. My performance garnered rave reviews and I was so glad everything turned out well (especially when my voice gradually gave way to alcohol and talking as the afternoon progressed).

In this penultimate post, I will share the pictures from the toast and leave the clip of the jazzy piece for the concluding entry. The entire wedding series can be found here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Ision and I had a moment to ourselves before the guests arrived. Boy did we look great that day!
Here is another happy shot of us. We actually didn’t take many pictures of just us as we were too occupied with entertaining our friends and family.
Here is me addressing the guests and thanking them for coming to our wedding. As we already did our vows at the British Consulate when we had the civil union (here is what I said on that day), Ision didn’t think my idea of exchanging vows at the wedding reception was a good idea (he termed that “play-acting” much to my irritation). I later agreed with him and struck that out of the program.
Then it was Ision’s turn to speak. He snatched the microphone from me when I started rambling–my hero to my rescue!
Before the toast was made, I took a snap of everyone to capture that moment when all eyes were on both of us. To pre-empt any objection I said “it’s my day and I can do whatever I like!”
The toast from the perspective of the guests. This was snapped at the precise moment when everyone started drinking.
Then I delivered the surprise to boo. He said he kind of saw that coming but I don’t believe him–he was pleasantly surprised indeed. When I started singing, on went the phone video cameras. I can’t say I dislike the attention. Haha.
I really like this shot of me singing to my boo especially the way he’s looking at me. I could almost make out the rays of love shooting out of his eyes all the way into mine.

Stay tuned for the last post when all will be unveiled.

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