Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Great big thanks to all my fans!

Over the years I have garnered a lot of adoring fans who fell in love with my pictures as I continue posting my shots online and on social media. They have also given me a lot of compliments and a lot are really nice like this:

"Kim your photos are so erotic! I have a hard time keeping myself calm when looking at your photos at night. I guess you demonstrate what the Asian Male form is capable of."

However there are so many of these positive comments that I find it too challenging to collate and share them on my blog. Recently I joined a Facebook group and started posting my pictures there. The kind words from fans in that group kept coming and I was really touched. That is why I think it is time I share some of these comments on my blog in recognition of their warmth and affection.

My intention here is also to give an indication of how much my pictures are being liked and how emphatic these compliments can be. These comments certainly helped to get rid of any remnant low self-esteem issues when I started my modelling career. People who receive so many compliments on a regular basis can attest to how much of a morale-booster they can be.

Here are a snapshot of the comments I receive on a daily basis and the corresponding pictures he was responding to (by the way these were all from the same fan whom I added as a Facebook friend in return as a sign of appreciation):

This is really beautiful! The model is stunning and the photographer's skill is also highly commended.
Sometimes the obscurity is more titillating and arousing! I can already imagine the turgid meat underneath that white translucent sheet about to break free. Imagination is more powerful than any visual image!

You look good in anything. In fact you look absolutely stunning in nothing at all, with only your palm to cover up the most anticipated part of your body and let the audience's imagination go wild!
The smile actually shows a childlike side of you! No longer the mysterious dark look, instead replaced by your boyish good look that charm us to high heaven!
I love it! You look absolutely flawless and so gorgeous! Do you want to be worshipped?
Wow you look amazing even without a professional photographer to shoot you! I guess the model himself who is near perfect helps to improve the quality of the photo by 100 folds! Hehe how I wish I can see the uncensored one but I believe you are wise enough not to post it online, you never know where it is gonna end up! Thanks again for sharing and please keep' em comin'.

Well proportioned body, defined muscular built. Lucky you love to share, or we will never see your beauty!
It's definitely sexy but yet the open arms pose can be interpreted as vulnerable or welcoming as well. But it's stunning. Shirtless men in denim can be very alluring too, not always have to be in trunks or undies. Thanks again for this beautiful shot!
You look exceptionally great in this lighting. Nice muscle and that ever enticing bulge! So want to caress it!
Very beautiful! Too bad the most important part is masked! Hope to see more! And it's rare to see you smiling so brightly. You looked so playful and happy in this shot, truly one with nature!

The hand in pants shot is meant to draw the audiences attention to the most important part and lead us to imagine what's underneath that pants. How we all wish that it's our hands that in your pants, caressing that tumescence!
Truly a sight to behold! Once again you have taken my breath away with your raw sexuality and masculinity! You look so hot with only your palm covering your manhood. It draws out people's curiosity to check out what's underneath and I'm sure your lil bro is as stunning as his master! If I ever have the opportunity to admire him! Beautiful shot once again, the light reflecting on your muscle does project an aura of mysticism and makes you so much more alluring and sexy! Keep 'em comin' please.

By the way the fan who gave me these great compliments offered these words when he knew he was mentioned here:

"I feel honored that you specifically mentioned my name in your post! I was flabbergasted to say the least. Thank you too for your generosity in sharing your wonderful album. You have been one fine specimen of manhood and there's reason enough for your adoring fans to tirelessly support you. Oh so many beautiful photos and yet so little time!!"

With such amazing compliments, how can one not love these fans? I would like to thank each and every one of you who has posted your comments and liked my pictures. You guys are my motivation to continue pumping away in the gym and keeping myself as fabulously-gorgeous as possible (I just turned 37 and people always tell me I look much younger). I have done 35 photo shoots to date over a span of 9 years and I am not about to stop as long as your love keeps coming! Here is a collage of me over the years. How do you think I have changed?

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