Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Musical journey (64)

It has been a while since I have written a non-personal cutesy song about love in a happily fluffy sort of way. It is a story about X and Y in which they both have a crush on each other (X having stronger feelings than Y). To find out Y's true feelings, X keeps asking prodding questions as if Y were sitting for an exam. X also adds a bonus question to the list at B's request. X says if Y answers that question correctly, he will score full marks. Y remains uncommitted and continues to evade the question to X's chagrin. With rising impatience, X is awoken by Y's call at one minute past two one early morning when he finally gets what he wanted to hear all along.


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

就坐在角落  一脸没把握

你要是答错  就知道后果

第一题  要问你  世上谁最美丽
第二题  想知你
头到脚  最喜欢我哪里
滴答滴  时间要注意

加分题  哦。。。
我爱你  哦。。。


是太紧张了  好苍白的脸色

你心怎么说  答就怎么作

第三题  你说我是不是你唯一
你竟然要  从长计议
下一题  问你我的未来到底会在哪里
时间到  请你放下笔

加分题  哦。。。
不必写  口说就可以
我爱你  哦。。。

加分题  哦。。。
我爱你  哦。。。
这句话  我最想听



电话响起  从睡梦惊醒
哦  是你  有什么事吗
你说没什么  只想说我爱你

[Bonus Question]

Look at you sitting in the corner, so unsure
You cannot escape now for I am going to test you
You will get punished if you answer incorrectly

First question—who is the most beautiful in the world?
I am starting from the basics here
Second question—from head to toe, which part of my body do you like best?
Tick tock tick tock
Please be mindful of the time

Bonus question
You ask if there is a bonus question
There is, and it's quite easy to get it right
"I love you"
You only have to write "I love you" down
That will please me the most

How are you feeling?
Perhaps you are all pale from the nervousness? 
Just take a deep breath and don't think too much
Go with what your heart tells you

Third question—am I your only one?
How dare you tell me you need a long moment to deliberate
Next question—where do you think our future is heading?
Time's up, please put your pen down

Bonus question
Let me ask you the bonus question now
You don't have to write it down, answering it aloud works too
"I love you"
You only have to say "I love you"
You don't need to use any imagination at all

Bonus question
You have to make the best out of this bonus question
Pluck up the courage and say "I love you"
Say "I love you"
This is what I want to hear the most

I want to ask you
Why do you keep blowing hot and cold?
Making me worry constantly about whether I have gained or lost
I cannot wait any longer
You have to make up your mind now

It's one minute past two in the morning
The phone rings, jolting me from my slumber
"Oh it's you, what do you want?"
"Nothing, I just want to say I love you"

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