Thursday, December 31, 2015

Musical journey (65)

Hello again from remote Papua New Guinean! It looks like nothing much has changed and work life here is at its usual snail pace, not that I am complaining. You see, although things don't get done here like a normal well-run plant which can get frustrating, people on site are also not held accountable for a lack of work progress like what happens in a normal plant either. This is the reason why I am glad that things are at this not-too-challenging pace. People here including myself have learnt to push things along by doing the minimum possible work that will still ensure the plant runs reasonably well. It is not that we are lazy (although some people here really are), it is just that there are SO many things wrong here that if you try to dig deeper, you will find shit that you cannot handle!

That being said, I am also at the point where I will not be upset if I lose this PNG gig as I am quite sick of how the fly-in/fly-out roster is turning my life upside down. If I am not counting down to my break, I would be counting down to going back on sitethere is just no constant. The worst thing is the pain of leaving my boo every four weeks which is really taking a toll on both of us (this impacts me more than him). Oh well, at least I am still earning an OK salary and I can at least try to make the best out of my time here. Luckily there is still access to social media which makes life more bearable.

Talking about social media which includes blogging, it is time to add a new musical post. This time I am offering an acoustic rendition of Britney Spear's "Toxic". Trashy as it is, it is actually one of my favourite songs of hers. As you know, I crash friends' gigs from time to time as a way to not only satiate my yearning to perform in front of a live audience but also to provide material for my blog. This was recorded at my best pal's gig at Harry's in Singapore's downtown Orchard Road with her husband on the cajon (we so need to do this again the next time I visit!).

I am not sure if one can be slutty vocally but that was the feel I was going for that night. I might be good at being a physical slut (hehe) but this is my first attempt at being a musical slut (if there is even such a thing). Tell me if I was successful.

Lastly, on the eve of 2016, I wish all of my blog readers a very Happy New Year and a fabulous, prosperous and safe year ahead!

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