Sunday, February 28, 2016

Love of my life

This is a really special post because it is not about me (even I know not everything is!). Come May this year, Ision and I will be celebrating our ninth anniversary and we are closer now than ever before. Perhaps it is my working overseas that makes our hearts grow fonder but I did ask him why he loves me and he simply said that everything in the relationship just feels right. I feel the same way too in the sense that I totally accept all of his flaws. This acceptance cannot be underestimated because so many relationships end because people cannot get past each other's shortcomings. I look at it this way–once you are able to move beyond the flaws, everything that remains become pure goodness, essentially making the person perfect. This is how I think we are–perfect for each other. Although Ision is in Sydney right now frolicking away, he told me he feels no connection to that city anymore (even after living there for many years) because his connection is now with me, in Melbourne. Aw....

Well enough of the mushiness. As you all know, I have done many photo shoots over the years for I not only look awesome in the end results, the pictures serve as a precious snapshot of history, of the time when I am in my prime form. I believe the albums and albums of pictures I now own and love so much will continue to bring me much joy in the years to come, right till the day I die.

The most wonderful thing is boo finally can now also experience that joy for he has just taken part in his first-ever photo shoot. Though not professionally done, this is still very significant because he can at long last see how beautiful he is, the way everyone, especially I see him. I hope this will tempt him to do some more. Who knows, the day we do a proper shoot together may even come! By the way the photographer is a recent friend of his and I am slowly getting to know him better too.

I have asked Ision to select a handful of pictures he "approves" of me to share here and he has gladly provided them (in my opinion there are others in the series that I think are nicer). To be honest I am quite surprised he allowed me to do that which shows how confident he is of his appearance now and I am so happy he feels that way. By the way he is having his birthday in less than week's time and it is yet another birthday that we are unable to spend together. So here is wishing my boo a big fat happy birthday and I will shower him with extra hugs and kisses in a little more than a fortnight's time.

So without further ado here are the fabulous pictures of my boo, the love of my life.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Musical journey (67)

Mummy's whirlwind Melbourne trip has ended and it was a great Chinese New Year week spent with her. Now that she's gone I have to start sorting out my own stuff before I head off to the remote mountains again and one item on my to-do list is to make a new musical post. "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is one of my most loved movies and it being a musical is not a coincidence. I believe if done properly (unlike a lot of cheesy ones), the songs from musicals can really immerse you much deeper into the plot.

I watched this movie for the first time many years ago in the cinema during my university exchange in Sydney when I was still grappling with coming out issues and had the "daddy complex". That was when I constantly wished for a daddy figure in my life (my own passed away when I was eight) and hence the section of the plot about not having a good father really spoke to me (which is also the reason why I am so close to my mum). Nowadays I still go for daddies but I no longer have the complex which overlaps the need for fatherly love and sexual intimacy. Instead I do it purely for carnal gratification (hehe). Come to think of it, maybe my sexual attraction to daddies stems from a lack of a father figure during my adolescent years... Whatever the case, it is now pointless to delve into the causes anyway so let's just move on to this month's musical sharing.

I have done a cover of my favourite song in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" called "The Origin of Love". The animation and imagery that came with the song along with its extremely meaningful lyrics won me over and for a brief moment back in 2001, I did think that that could be the true origin of love after all. I wish the director (John Cameron Mitchell) would make more movies as I also enjoyed his "Shortbus" tremendously. So here's my take on this excellent song and I hope I have done it justice.