Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mum's CNY through Facebook (part 1)

For the first time my mummy spent her Chinese New Year in a western country. Although Melbourne is not an Asian city, I always feel that the Chinese New Year here is more traditional than the very commercial and touristy (a.k.a. fake) atmosphere Singapore gives me. This is why I had to organise a trip for her to visit Melbourne and welcome the year of the monkey here with me. The climax of the trip took place on her last full day but she did lots before that. In a series of three posts, I shall share with you the Facebook posts I have made that perfectly documented her one-week vacation. Here is post number one (the other posts in the series can be found here and here).

Finally! Both our Chinese New Years have officially started!

Angpaos given. Mandarin oranges exchanged. Tummies filled. Smiles all around. Well Ision was hiding his.

Coffee and shenanigans with mummy. My smartwatch tells me that I took 11,364 steps shopping with her today so I guess I have reason to eat more now!

Sumptuous dinner at Mum's must-have Thai place when she's in town. I think I ate too much... again!

The first horror movie night at home in the new year with mummy, just like old times - I miss this so much! On the menu tonight is an oldie but a goodie.

Mummy asking hubby what he added in his mushroom breakfast dish that made it smell so good. Ision the chef must be feeling proud! By the way the secret was butter, something not used in traditional Chinese cooking.

Even though this is not her first time here there's still much to explore in the biggest Melbourne market. This place is totally transformed at night and we shall conquer that tomorrow.

Almost nothing beats the feeling of nabbing a great bargain and we were lucky to experience that today. Resting our feet now at a coffee stop and then off me and mummy go again! Second horror movie night with mummy and there is more to come before she leaves. Hope the offering tonight is not too bad.

Second horror movie night with mummy and there is more to come before she leaves. Hope the offering tonight is not too bad.

Loving breakfast for hubby prepared by mummy. Toasted avocado garlic-buttered sandwich with fresh cherries. Ain't Ision lucky?

Mummy almost as fine as the weather by the Yarra River today.

A fun day out with mummy doing touristy stuff. We are both first-time visitors to this major Melbourne attraction. More pictures to follow very soon.

More from our time today as noob tourists. Now it's time for some dinner at the night market, my mummy's favourite eating spot!

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