Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mum's CNY through Facebook (part 2)

Here is the second part of the Facebook pictorial series documenting mummy's recent Melbourne trip where we spent our first Chinese New Year together outside of Singapore. It was a short stay so we did not venture out of the city but that did not mean we had a lack of fun. These pictures are there as proof. The other posts in this series can be found here and here.

We came and we conquered the night market with our eating powers. Looks like mummy enjoyed herself. Part two to follow.

Here are the rest of the night market snaps. There were SO many hotties out tonight and I was super distracted by them muscle guys while juggling food, taking pictures and not letting mummy get lost in the crowd! I have a feeling there's more night market experience to be had somewhere else so stay tuned!

Mummy actually decided to buy the pictures taken at the Aquarium yesterday and she thinks that it's $39 well spent. At least this now means that I can download and post them here. Didn't we say we were total tourist noobs?

How can time spent with mummy not be in a dim sum restaurant? This is our shopping rest stop and many bargains were snapped up once again. Retail and gastronomical therapies are a potently effective combination indeed.

Tea break after the hard work of shopping. Mummy was hungry so it's her fault that we're eating again!

Costco virgin no more. Even mummy has been to one so how can I be so out-of-touch with the bulk-buying populace?

Night markets are all about eating and nothing else and we did just that. It seems that mummy cannot get enough of night markets. More pics to come.

Seems like pigging out runs in the family... This is mummy and I enjoying Chinese New Year, Melbourne style while admiring the beautiful sunset by the waterfront.

 Just finished watching this at home with mummy. It's not too good but seeing how many horrors and thrillers we've watched between us, we are a couple of really hardened critics of this genre and so it's rare to find a really good one these days. It's the time spent together that counts anyway.

We wanted to have a hotpot reunion lunch but the restaurant is only open for dinner. Oh well, when in Melbourne do as the Greeks do. Our sumptuous yet simple reunion lunch sorted!

Mummy having fun amongst veggies and fruit (Ision excluded) at Puja's and Barry's who are so nice to host us tonight.

Puja and Barry have done it again. Excellent dinner, excellent setting and excellent company. Excellence all around!

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