Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mum's CNY through Facebook (part 3)

In this last entry of my Chinese New Year series (previous posts can be found here and here), you will see why I organised mummy's trip to Melbourne. The big fair held annually in the city with lots of stalls, firecrackers and performances is definitely the highlight of her trip and from the pictures, I think she really enjoyed herself. Too bad all good things have to come to an end and after a week spent with her, she went back home and it was back to Papua New Guinea for me. The next time I will see her is in a couple of months when she will prepare my favourite dishes. I simply cannot wait!!!

Mummy at our favourite yong tau foo joint. She had it before and wanted more so there we went. Gotta fuel up before our baking adventure!

Guess what hubby, mummy and I are starting to bake now??? Excitement fills the air!!!
Preparing key component #1 of the yummiest Chinese New Year goodie...

Now on to the making of key component #2... Both the journey and destination must be documented.

... and everyone got down to it. Baking can be such a cost-effective family activity where you get to enjoy both the process and the result. Most importantly it's an experience that can't be bought.
The fruits of our labour. Who knows we can churn out an auspicious 66 pineapple tarts for a cost price of less than $10? Mummy even had some to take back home. Well done family!

Mummy was hankering for some Korean BBQ and so Korean BBQ is what we had. She's the queen and I simply have to obey!
We yearn to be majorly scared so I hope this can at least get us a little bit there. Yet another horror movie night at home with mummy.
Let me buck the trend and reserve my 14th of February this year not for a lover or even a friend but for family. Happy Valentine's Day mummy!

This is what I wanted mummy to experience - the proper Chinese New Year festivities in Chinatown with the crowd, the food and the deafening firecrackers. This is definitely the highlight of her trip. Oh and we even got to shake the hands of Bill Shorten!

How can a trip down Lygon Street not include gelato and Brunetti's coffee? Little Italy's the breath of fresh air we needed away from the Chinatown hustle-bustle. Melbourne is such a multicultural city and mummy is absolutely loving it!

Of all the cuisines in the world, nothing beats food from home and so for this last dinner of mummy's trip we have opted for Singaporean. With rojak, fried pipi and mini seafood pot, you'd think we just dined at a hawker centre back on the little red dot!

Our last horror movie night in a little while and this looks like a promising one. Mummy and I are going to miss this much-loved routine!

It's been a good Chinese New Year and it's all because of mummy. Now it's time for her to head home and me to prepare to journey to the remote mountains again. I'm SO NOT looking forward to that!

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