Saturday, July 16, 2016

Musical journey (72)

The first half of 2016 has passed us by and it looks like the next half is going to be a challenging one for me trying to figure out what my next move is in my continued search for something that can pay the bills. Although there is intermittent non-full time work coming in (which I've expected), the situation I'm in right now is still far from ideal. Fortunately Ision and I have finished moving into our new apartment in Hawthorn and the rent I have to pay him has dropped quite a bit which makes bill-paying less stressful. That being said I now have my husband as a landlord and it's interesting to find out if that changes the relationship dynamics in any way.

Now that we are almost fully-settled in I can continue focussing on securing more work by applying for jobs online, building and maintaining a wide LinkedIn network and extending my feelers to their maximum length whenever I am in the Melbourne office. I hate to beg for work (or for anything!) but I have to and have been doing that (in a professional way of course). However it's not all bad news as I'm having a job interview over the phone next week (after 35 job applications no less!). This job requires a relocation to Sydney and Ision is not too keen on that on many fronts so I guess I'll just go ahead with the interview and cross bridges when I encounter them. It's a promotion though if I do get it so the job is not totally unattractive even though it's only for a five-year project.

In the meantime I have to get used to commuting to work again now that we no longer live in the city. Hawthorn is a nice suburb though and I'm sure we'll enjoy it as much as the city now that we've fully explored our new neighbourhood. This is the fifth place I've lived in since I moved to Australia (the first one with a balcony) and to be honest we're both quite sick of moving. Fortunately we'll not be doing that for a long time. We've just finished cleaning up the old apartment and are returning its keys next week which will provide us with the much-needed closure of this old chapter in our lives. I'll post more updates when they become available.

OK, whingeing and updating are now over and now it's on to this month's musical post which features a cover of Owl City’s “Take to the Sky” (one of my favourite animation soundtracks). This singer does this genre perfectly as evident in the lyrics and tune which when combined brings out the magical wonder of the story so well. However all his songs do sound similar and he can do much better by diversifying his style. I'm curious though as to whether or not there is any relationship between the movie and the name adopted by this singer. Anyway this up-tempo piece is my musical offering for the month and I hope you like it.

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