Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12 reasons why I'm getting fat

Ever since Ision took on the morning shift he finally had time to cook us dinner on weeknights. However his passion for cooking and eating is unable to stop him from also preparing yummy dishes for our breakfast, lunch or even dessert in the weekends. Aside from having food to take to work (as he cooks extra during dinner so both of our lunches are sorted the next day), it gives me yet another reason to stay at home so that I can enjoy the fruits of his love and labour, not to mention that's a much cheaper and healthier option compared to dining out.

The biggest respective pro and con of having a husband that cooks well put simply is getting fed and getting fat. I know I know, the snacks and junk food I eat on the side is not helping and Ision will be the first to whinge that I'm getting less lean not because of his dishes but it's certainly a nice convenient excuse to relax the diet regimen (I can always lean-up before a photo shoot if I wanted to anyway).

In this age of social media, nothing happens for real unless it's posted online so I've been sharing these wonderful creations with my Facebook friends. It's hard to pick the best-of-the-best among the many food porn pictures I have of boo's culinary masterpieces but I've managed to successfully pick twelve to post here. There are simpler fare that he's prepared that are just a delicious but as food porn go, those did not make the cut.

As a food-lover, I'm really fortunate to have a husband who's into cooking as much as eating. I'm sure you'll agree with me after sampling with your eyes the many scrumptious feasts that take place every day here in our one-room heaven.

Chicken thigh marinated in Singaporean satay sauce with wilted spinach, carrot, potato, peas and onion plus cucumber and onion sides for dipping

Bruschetta with crispy garlic bread, grilled haloumi cheese, avocado, tomato, basil and onion

Baked eggs with vintage cheddar, Hungarian salami, tomato, parsley and onion

Smoked cod in mild curry sauce with mushroom, choy sum, onion, peas, carrot and corn

Baked chicken and vegetable meat loaf with double-brie and pea mashed potato

Quorn sausages with potato waffle-omelette and smokey beans

Baked pineapple tarts

Chicken-flavoured rice with steamed chicken, cucumber and steamed Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce

Grilled haloumi cheese, pan-fried bacon and onion with toast

Matcha mochi with sweet peanut filling topped with icing sugar

Satay turkey pizza topped with onion and mushroom

Chicken thigh claypot rice with shitake mushroom and Chinese sausage with steamed bak choy in soy sauce and nasu dengaku (braised eggpant)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Musical journey (76)

If you're sick of opinion pieces or jokes about president-elect Trump on social media, here’s something refreshingly different. Also, now that I'm well on my way in my 39th year on this planet, it’s time for another musical post.

A successful pop song needs to have a hook that captures your attention and enters your brain so that you can’t shake it off. For this month’s musical journey I’ll be covering such a song (Colbie Caillat’s “Try”).  In my opinion this is a really well-written piece with a catchy tune and a powerful message. We need more pop like this and less of those with lyrics along the lines of “I want to fuck you” or “I want you to fuck me” paraphrased in countless permutations.

I also like the MTV although they ultimately still chose really attractive people and went against the theme a little. However I totally understand the need to strike a balance between having a conscience and having a sell-able product because one can’t preach to the masses if they don’t give any attention to the sermon. This song achieves this balance perfectly and hence my saying that it’s successful.

One other message that the song brings out albeit not intentionally is that it reinforces once again that everyone uses Photoshop and the like to make themselves look better, even pop stars and movie stars so there’s absolutely nothing wrong when mortals like us use them.

Unfortunately I have to use a karaoke video for the clip as Youtube doesn't allow me to use the original MTV due to copyright reasons (darn!) so pardon the low-quality video. So here’s this month’s musical post sung in the original key no less. Savour away!