Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Musical journey (76)

If you're sick of opinion pieces or jokes about president-elect Trump on social media, here’s something refreshingly different. Also, now that I'm well on my way in my 39th year on this planet, it’s time for another musical post.

A successful pop song needs to have a hook that captures your attention and enters your brain so that you can’t shake it off. For this month’s musical journey I’ll be covering such a song (Colbie Caillat’s “Try”).  In my opinion this is a really well-written piece with a catchy tune and a powerful message. We need more pop like this and less of those with lyrics along the lines of “I want to fuck you” or “I want you to fuck me” paraphrased in countless permutations.

I also like the MTV although they ultimately still chose really attractive people and went against the theme a little. However I totally understand the need to strike a balance between having a conscience and having a sell-able product because one can’t preach to the masses if they don’t give any attention to the sermon. This song achieves this balance perfectly and hence my saying that it’s successful.

One other message that the song brings out albeit not intentionally is that it reinforces once again that everyone uses Photoshop and the like to make themselves look better, even pop stars and movie stars so there’s absolutely nothing wrong when mortals like us use them.

Unfortunately I have to use a karaoke video for the clip as Youtube doesn't allow me to use the original MTV due to copyright reasons (darn!) so pardon the low-quality video. So here’s this month’s musical post sung in the original key no less. Savour away!

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