Saturday, December 17, 2016

Musical journey (77)

Christmas is coming and the office always closes for two weeks during that time when everyone is forced to take annual leave or unpaid leave (if you've run out of paid leave). The official reason is for the employees to take a break and spend some quality time with family and loved ones. However all of us know that's a ploy simply to reduce our annual leave so we won't get to cash all of it out should the company retrench us. Fortunately this year I have enough billable work to not be in that boat which is perfect as I don't celebrate Christmas (Ision has to work anyway) and would like to save up my leave for occasions I do celebrate (e.g. for my upcoming Chinese New Year trip back to Singapore).

As you know I went through a phase of not having work and forced to take annual leave (yet another reason why I need to save it up). I hated that experience as it gives a constant sense of uncertainty as you see your leave days dwindle into oblivion. This is why I'll never complain when there's work even though there might be too much of it causing stress and weekends filled with work.

The flip side of being blessed with lots of work is that one can get tired and burnt out, and this is the perfect segue into this month's musical journey as it's a piece trying to bring out how mentally, emotionally and physically fatigued one can get when coping with a failed relationship.This song is one of my first few compositions back when I started writing in my high school days 20 years ago (GOD I'M OLD!!!). It's a story about how a person has fallen down in the journey of love. Tired, bruised and with no one to help him up, he has to get back on his feet himself and continue walking this road called life. I hope you can feel that weariness in the tune but if you don't I hope the slow, grey clip of one walking aimlessly puts you in that mood.


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

人到了终点   是否就该停下来
心碎到极点   是否就能卷土重来

又怎能在爱情的道路上   来去自如

人倒了下来   是否就能爬起来
泪慢慢累积   是否就能哭得出来


我不能   不能把锁给撬开


人到了终点   是否就该停下来
人停了下来   是否就能不需要爱


Should one stop when he's at the end point?
Can his heart be put back together after splitting into pieces?
With love as fragile as a crystal ball
With you as stubborn as granite
How can anyone expect a smooth journey?

Can one get back on his feet after falling down?
Will he be able to cry after accumulating so much tears?
The person who was not supposed to go has departed
The soul who was not supposed to die has been killed
Faced with a dead end
I can't escape no matter how I hard I try

You let love linger in your heart
Why can't you just let it out?
Waiting for you to turn back
Something so difficult for you to do
Even if you turned back
You would never look at me

You lock your heart up
And I can't pry it open
After seeing you kiss him
I think it's over
Because he now has you who used to belong to me

Why can't I pull myself together?
And have to pine for you day and night
All this ultimately just means that I've lost to him

Should one stop when he's at the end point?
Even when he has stopped
Will he not need love?

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