Saturday, March 11, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 2)

Looks like another opportunity at work just opened up and now three different sections of the company want me! It's been so long since I felt something positive from being an engineer and I hope it stays that way. With choices unfortunately comes the hard part of making decisions. The three key factors that I need to consider are job security, the experience I want to get so as to branch into work that can be applied across more industries (i.e. still related to job security) and the commute to work (as I don't drive). I've written one choice down already as that place not only requires a long commute, there are no systems in place for us to do work properly ranging from basic things like office space to issues more technical like a lack of equipment specifications. 

As for the other two choices it's job security (the place where I was working at for a month in October last year now wants me to work there full time because they were pleased with my performance) versus the experience I want to get (I want to branch into more "safety and risk" type jobs and I have a 6-month opportunity coming up to do just that but that means I can't start full time in the other role). Also the 6-month gig is based in the city in the division that treats employees better as compared to a total daily commute time of 2 hours for the other posting. Job security is a really important factor though so I can't reject the faraway role as yet. To make matters more interesting, this other division that will likely survive the one I'm in is currently hiring and the boss has told me personally that I'm at the top of the shortlist based on the accolades I've received from people on the current project I'm doing for them. Decisions decisions decisions... 

While I'm pondering my future on the work front, here's something lighter and less burdensome a.k.a. the second part of my Facebook pictorial posts documenting my trip back to Singapore for Chinese New Year last month (the other parts are here and here). Enjoy the snaps, especially the last one!!!

'Off gaigai-ing with Mummy. Such is the life of us taitais. 😄

Another mall untouched by time. This place brings back childhood memories.

Mummy was craving for bak kut teh so that's what we're having 'cos she's the boss!

Ision what do you think of this monstrosity? By the way I have tasted it and the durian is barely noticeable. It's more gimmick than anything else.

I know fresh oysters can be overpriced when served at restaurants but this is something else! From a tourist trap of a hawker centre no less!!!

Me and Roy having dinner at Chinatown Point tonight. We couldn't find the laksa I was craving for so we had to settle for chicken rendang nasi lemak. 😄

Yusheng for one? Who tosses yusheng alone???

Mandatory catch-up with one of my oldest friends and father-to-be (huge congrats)! Looks like 'tis the season to procreate!

Another achievement unlocked - the famed baked cheese tart (plus toasted mackerel otah buns). The tart is nice but still slightly overrated. Now it's on to the next quest in my island-wide search for yummies.

Trophies from my ongoing culinary conquests. Many more to come!

A constant source of frustration whenever I'm in Singapore - confusing block numbers hindering my search for the right one amongst the labyrinth of densely-packed public housing apartments.

Nicely caught up over kopi. Thanks for the company guys (and bear)!

Was looking for the durian version of goreng pisang but couldn't find any. I guess the durian version of curry puff will do for now. The search continues.

This franchise is all over the country right now but why do I always see "poofter" instead of the correct name? I guess it takes one to see one. 😄

The advantage of having dim sum with a group of people is you can order lots and lots to share. The advantage of having dim sum with a group of close friends is you can talk about anything under the sun, no holds barred, and you also get to eat lots and lots. Thanks for a great time, group of close friends!

Seen proudly advertised on a coffee shop's shopfront. The lingering shadow of white supremacy in post-colonial independent Singapore perhaps?

Family dinner and more food - I SO need to go for a jog tomorrow morning. No food pics this time as my collage app refuses to function. Grrrr.

When I'm in Australia I eat to live but here it's the other way round. How can I not when such heavenly fare exists so readily at such low prices? Case in point - fried prawn crackers and popiah.

I can tell that I'm now not as lean as how my previous Singapore trip made me. That must surely be because I'm eating much more this trip. Rojak has been crossed off the list tonight so at least there's one more frenemy down.

An assortment of calorie-laden goodies to fuel my gym session! #NeverUnderestimateTheseDeliciousLittleMorsels

One of the most beautiful sights on earth. An empty gym floor.

I'll never get bored of taking selfies as Iong as I'm still not bored of these sick abs. #WorkingHardForMyWashboard

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