Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Musical journey (90)

Looks like my musical journeys have taken an all-in-the-family flavour lately. My last musical post was a cover collaboration with my sister and this month's is a compositional one with her daughter. Of all the poems on my niece's blog, I have chosen one that best fits the format of a song and started adding the tune to it. Although very different from her musical style, I was glad she didn't think it sucked. Maybe one day I can jam together for real with her and her band sobs.

On the personal side of things I finally rekindled my love for nude photo shoots in nature and did one at Yarra Bend Park here in metropolitan Melbourne last weekend with another very hot guy. I've seen the first few final shots and loved them to bits and can't wait to see the rest. I'll post the series once all pictures are received and have been edited up to my standard. I hope you're waiting for it with bated breath (hehe). That is my 38th shoot by the way and it looks like I might really be able to achieve my pre-retirement-as-a-model goal of 40 shoots in 40 years. Wish me luck!