Saturday, June 30, 2018

Missing summer nudity

Brr... It's so cold today and it makes me miss summer just a little, like the summer in 2012 when I've just moved to Melbourne from Sydney. To better orient myself to the new city, I went straight for a nude public photo shoot just three days after I've arrived when my new apartment was not even properly set up. OK, I admit my exhibitionistic streak outweighed everything else - hehe.

It's been a long while since I've posted shoot pictures here but this month you can finally feast your eyes on the snaps from my first-ever shoot in Melbourne. I remember heading onto the tracks of Southern Cross station's platform 14 (which is the platform I use every morning to work now!) and exposed every inch of my body without a care in the world. We also snuck into the stairwell of the Block Arcade and did some shots there. We were in luck as it was early on a Sunday morning and so many places were empty. It was such great thrilling fun!

You might have seen some of these pictures as I've shared some individually but this is the first time I've posted the entire series. I'd love to do more shoots like this but at even more daring places (and of course in warmer weather). Of the entire series, my favourites are the ones in front of this concrete wall at a construction site as it had so much character (too bad there weren't hot tradies there to tantalise). Tell me which is your favourite!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Musical journey (94)

Winter has truly arrived and it's now double sweaters, thick woolly socks and a doona/fleece blanket combo. Unless it's totally unbearable in the summer preventing us from being able to sleep well, we don't turn on air-conditioning in an attempt to lower our power bills. You see, we're on an embedded network and can't change our supplier who is obviously ripping us off with the much-higher-than-market prices.

We are equally power-conscious in winter. As far as I can remember we've never once turned on the heater ever since we moved to Melbourne because we both love the cold weather. You can always protect yourself from the cold by wearing more but you can't do the same from the heat when you're already naked. Plus there's a legitimate reason for cuddling which is something I absolutely love doing with my hubby.

The reason why I brought up winter is because that's the setting of my composition in this month's musical journey. In this song, two lovers go separate ways at the start of winter and one of them starts reminiscing about the time they spent together in the house, all the while blaming himself for being foolish for still holding on to the memories when the other person has already moved on. The video I used is a scene of heavy snowing to keep to the winter theme.

On the song-writing front, I really need to pen more pieces as the backlog of song ideas is growing by the day. I also have the second draft of a collaborative composition to complete with a friend (the one who wrote the words to this and this). However this new game "God of War" that I've started playing is seriously impeding that creative effort. The game trailer is here so please tell me how can one resist such beauty? So apologies to those who like my music (if there's any...*sad emoji*) for this laziness.

Here's "那么傻" or "Too Foolish" for your listening pleasure.


词  /  曲 : 锦泉


爱情的种子发了芽    开了花
坐立不安    废寝忘餐    想着他

一切都变了    我还留在原地那么傻

要我放弃所有    我都不怕
一片海洋有多大    我不管它


[So Foolish]

The first snow has fallen last night
By the morning there is already a thick layer of worry
Did you see the snowman I have just made?
He has your eyes and your mouth

The seeds of love have sprouted and flowered
Now that they have borne fruit you are not here in our home
Who can tell him I love him in my place?
Because I am here pining for him, unsettled, not eating well and sleepless

Your unfinished cup of tea is still on the table
The comb by the bed still has your hair in it
The sub-zero temperature has frozen the sands of time
Everything has changed but I am still in the same spot, so foolish

The price to pay to love is huge
I am unafraid even if it means giving everything else up
Wondering if he can hear me speak to him
As I ignore this expansive ocean between us

Every frigid night I have only my tears to warm my cheeks
Every lonely heartbeat a ticking time bomb ready to explode anytime
I am sinking and flailing helplessly in this sea of thoughts of you
Beyond the horizon, are you thinking of me too?