Sunday, July 29, 2018

Musical journey (95)

Things at the office are seriously quietening down as work slowly dries up again but this time it's due to poor resource planning by management (surprise surprise). When you work in projects, workload comes in cycles and therefore good forecasting and resourcing are paramount to ensure clients are serviced and employees stay employed. Alas this didn't happen... again.

You see, there were lots of panic hiring when the project load was high and they made the gravest mistake of hiring staff members instead of contractors which they can get rid of more easily. Now that my department is over the hump, it's over-resourced. As a result the only contractor was let go this week and now there's no more left to cut off. I can't help but dislike these newly-employed people because they're the ones giving us (the original team members) this unwanted stress of not having work.

I know my company will try its best as usual to shortchange its staff but I'll never allow them to force me to take leave (which is illegal) without a fight. I'll try all means to stay afloat which doesn't exclude the last resort of anonymously reporting them to the Australian Fair Work Commission. That being said I've lots of accumulated leave but I want to take my days off when I choose to, not when I'm coerced unfairly into doing. Also, when work is scarce, the "every man for himself" mentality is reinforced and this leads to quite an unpleasant work environment.

The worst kick in the gut is all the other departments are currently under-resourced as they usually take over work from my department i.e. we work in a sequence almost like in an assembly line. In addition, very department needs to estimate the cost related to their discipline to execute a project and the client needs to approve the combined cost estimate before releasing that work to the company. Since all these other people are overworked, they can't help in that cost-estimation and hence no new work can come to us. I made a lot of noise regarding this as there was too much inaction by my immediate boss and I couldn't tolerate it any longer. Hope I'm not seen as a troublemaker and let go!

Anyway enough of the depressing stuff although I must say I don't have much else to write about because things are still pretty much the same on the non-work front. The weather seems to be warming up even though winter is not even over yet. Though I love the cold weather I can't deny I'm looking forward to a climate where you can be topless or even better nude in the open all the time (hence my last post with the juicy pictures).

Being nude in public and in nice weather is the most fun way of being naked... which is the perfect segue into the topic of the day - the sharing of another clip in my topless series (the other installments are here: 1 2 3 4 5). This time it's one of my favourite songs by Jay Chou ("烟花易冷" which translates to "Fireworks Get Cold Easily") and is a song I always do when I'm at the KTV. With very well-written lyrics and a melancholic tune, it's a perfect piece to showcase my singing skills (and body too of course, although I do need to get more of my abs back in time for the recording of my next topless KTV series)!