Saturday, August 25, 2018

Musical journey (96)

I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9) after my last one's battery died. That old Samsung Galaxy Note Edge lasted for three years so it was a very good effort. Though I'm currently busy setting it up, I promised my friend that I'm going to post the duet version of our latest work this month so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

This song tells of two people from different parts of the world each having their own story of longing for a lover who has departed. These are different individuals but their sadness comes from the same place. My friend from Singapore wrote the words and I did the tune. Both of us though happily attached for many years now have gone through the same experience before. Thus we could breach the distance between us with ease and unite to convey the emotions with our voices so well. I hope the clip I've made for the song does it justice. Though we had a few iterations before we came to this final version, I enjoyed the creative journey very much as this is the first-ever serious duet I've written (so be kind!) and I hope we get to collaborate again soon.

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