Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 look-back / Musical journey (100)

As 2018 is coming to an end, it's time to reflect on the major events that happened in my life this year. Here are the notable (G-rated) things that happened and from them you'll be able to quickly tell how ordinary my life is.

January - Partied at my first all-male nude masquerade ball (organised by this group)

February - My latest (40th) photo shoot (at Yarra Bend Park)

March - Experienced one of my worst work days when I was abused by a maniacal client (described here)

April - Started PrEP regimen i.e. best decision ever (I also found a place that sells it at a third of the already-subsidised price)

May - Cooked a pasta/fried wanton/seafood omelette dinner for Ision (not a big deal, it's just that I've not done it for a really LONG time)

June - Renewed my last exit permit for National Service back in Singapore (FINALLY!!! And I didn't know that bit about lifetime tax deduction until now - too bad I don't pay Singaporean taxes)

July - Drastic drop in project load at work (it's still worsening so thank goodness I'm now out of that place)

August - Received my 10-year long service award

September - First-ever visit to the biggest mall in Australia, i.e. Chadstone (yes, I live under a rock)

October - Got served my redundancy notice at work (which was revoked the following month)

November - The big four-o with the cake Ision baked for me and the dinner we had (more of my thoughts on this milestone birthday here)

December - Started a new secondment role in the city (the building I work in is pictured here)

So that's my 2018 look-back. As for the 2019 look-forward, I have my impending promotion (and pay rise!) in the first quarter to look forward to (I'll make sure my boss sees to it the minute he comes back from his leave). I'll also be visiting offshore oil and gas platforms in the Bass Strait for the first time which is quite exciting. Other than those, I have nothing exciting on a non-work front (what a boring life right?). Perhaps continuing my existence as a 40+ year-old "daddy" ("uncle" in Asian speak) is the only journey ahead of me.

OK, that's enough of this depressing jouney. This post is also to celebrate another important journey milestone i.e. my 100th musical journey! In the new year, I'll continue to write more songs and record another of my "topless KTV" series. This 100th post features one of my favourite gaming songs - "Wolven Storm" from "The Witcher 3". It was great that I was able to find the instrumental track (clearly a lot of people love the song) to be able to do the recording. The clip was taken directly from the game with the audio replaced by my vocal track (the original version is here). On the gaming front, I'm extremely looking forward to finally playing "The Last of Us: Part II" in the new year.

Finally, here's wishing all of you blog readers a very happy 2019. I hope mostly good things happen for you in this new year and that you have a quick and painless way to deal with those not-so-good ones!

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Mathieu said...

Love the 40th photoshoot. The image is absolutely beautiful.

And you certainly don't look like any 'uncle' I know ��

Looking forward to seeing & hearing more of your creative endeavours!

Mathieu ��