Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Musical journey (112)

So the company I've been working for the past year has decided to end my contract which though was something I've prepared myself for (as it's really quite a common practice in my line of work), it still was an undesirable outcome. I shall not whinge about how wrong that decision was as a single post is not enough to quench the heat. Consequently I had to scramble to line up my next gig and of course my back-to-work-post-holiday start date of 10-Feb-2020 is too far away for my parent firm to make any concrete plans. To make matters worse, my manager is from another company that has been acquired recently and he's based in Brisbane so I couldn't be further away from his "radar".

Suffice to say I have no work lined up in 2020 and I was basically told to just rock up to the office and will be given a desk and whatever job that's available to me (i.e. I have zero choice). To say I'm not filled with confidence is an understatement but with the amount of socialising and networking I did during the work Christmas party a few days ago, I hope I've registered enough in everyone's mind for them to take notice of this straggler (i.e. returning secondee).

Of course today is also the last day of my contract with the company I've been seconded to for the past year and after this last working day, I'm flying off to Singapore for my close-to-seven-week vacation tonight. I've also managed to book short trips to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur next month so I'm extremely excited about this well-deserved break, which also means that my care factor for work and job insecurity issues is at a very low level. I've also more or less fixed a time with all the people I want to catch up with (not an easy task!) and I look forward to posting my holiday pics here in the coming months.

This month's musical sharing is a live rendition of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen, a number I did during the Christmas party at work (not at my parent firm but the company I was seconded to). I basically shamelessly recommended myself to the musical director of the band and I'm so glad I did it. Although they put me down as the guest singer with only one song that they chose based on their abilities, I left the audience screaming and hungry for another. I know this is a very famous song but I was not familiar with it (it's the wrong era!) and had to learn it from scratch. Fortunately it was a short one (but still it was challenging due to its tempo). Many of my colleagues told me after that they really didn't know I could sing that well and they were very pleasantly surprised. That being said, as a perfectionist, I could have done it better (see if you can pick up the places I got it wrong).

I told the musical director (the one playing the keyboard) that regardless of where I end up working for when their next party comes up, I want in if the band comes together and because my number was so well-received, he said yes. So enjoy my take on this circa 1980 song. Apologies for the noisy environment and the poor audio quality but I hope you can see how much fun I was having on stage. I always tell people the high I get from performing is unlike any other type of high and it just makes me yearn for more. I'll definitely be creating opportunities to do more live singing (and recording) in this upcoming Singapore trip so watch this space.

This is my last post of 2019 and to all my blog readers, have a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!