Friday, March 18, 2011

Musical journey (11)

I am sure by now you have all seen the incredibly devastating clips and images from one of Japan's worst natural disasters. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their loved ones in this tragic event. Here is a song dedicated to those whose lives will forever be changed by this earthquake and tsunami. I know this song is not in the correct language and is just a very raw demo but I still hope it can bring them as well as the brave souls in the rescue missions the fortitude that everyone so sorely needs right now. Look up, tomorrow is not far away.


/词 / : 锦泉/

天色昏暗, 暂时看不到天亮
只看见你满面惆怅, 更忘记了信仰
只要你心中持着希望, 就一定能看见曙光

一片荒凉, 摧残你所有梦想
改变了生命的方向, 一切都给灭亡
但你要试着看透灰茫, 活着就是一种力量

我们意志向着前方, 踏出第一步放弃绝望
而你的步伐会更稳健, 更坚强

我们斗志亢奋激昂, 为的是让你重燃希望


[Look Up]

The sky is dark and grey and dawn is nowhere in sight
But I can still see the melancholy on your face
You have even forsaken your faith
Although you are still worn down by depression
All you need is to hold on to hope to see the light

The vast devastation evidences the destruction of all your dreams
It changes the direction of your life, annihilating everything
But you need to try to see through the bleakness
Because being alive is in itself a source of strength
Don't forget we are also all here by your side

If your reach out and let us combat this hand-in-hand
Cruel fate will not stand a chance to get in our way
When our will points forward as we step forth to abandon despair
Our strides will get steadier and stronger

Open your eyes and let warmth flood your hearts
Let it instantaneously drive the desolation in the wind away
Our fighting spirit is rousing so that hope can be re-ignited
Because tomorrow is not far away

Just look up

I think it would be great if someone could help me create the accompaniment for this song (note the key change at the chorus) so that the complete version can be put out there. Let me know if you want to assist me in playing this small part in helping those affected by the natural disaster to recover. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dancing with the (porn) stars

What would you say to a porn star minutes after you have just seen him in action on XTube as he stands right in front of you this very second? That was the thing going through my mind as we waited for the DNA Mardi Gras float co-ordinator to arrive.

As I did not attend the pre-event mixer at Stonewall a few weeks back, I knew I would be a stranger to almost all of the people there and that was why I arrived much earlier to mingle. Fortunately there were quite a few out-of-towners present and I quickly got acquainted with them and started to really soak in the sights around me. A little background for the uninitiated. Just as I was working with DNA on the article, they were gathering a list of “hot guys” to put on the float and I was given one of the invites. As one of the only two Asians (the other guy seemed to be of mixed parentage but nobody likes details right?) on the float, I do feel honoured.

First and foremost, it WAS weird seeing the stars of BelAmi doing normal-people stuff in normal-people clothes amongst normal people (they were fierce smokers though). When pizza arrived, they gorged like their perfect physiques did not depend on what they eat, which is actually correct–you are NOT what you eat if you do it in moderation and do lots of exercise. Just when I felt like taking a picture with the iconic Lukas Ridgeston my camera went berserk and refused to turn on (perfect reason to replace that cheapo model). I am always hesitant to request celebrities for photo-ops because I think it makes you look LC. Of course them being very clique-ish didn’t help either–I wonder if it was because of their celebrity status (seeing how elite and exclusive they are since BelAmi only recruits a certain kind of look/built/endowment) or the language barrier that they did not really interact with the rest of us–a bit of both I guess. I remember an unforgettable BelAmi scene where “innocent” Lukas stumbled into an orgy room and the camera captured his shocked expression with those piercing blue eyes (as well as another when he first bottomed). It is funny how life develops–you never know what will happen in the future and who you will find eating greasy fast food before your eyes.

Porn stars being their normal selves

One notable BelAmi guy on our float was “Kris” (of course they don’t use their real names)–a superbly-perfect (c)hunk-of-god enough to melt straight and gay guys and girls alike down to their knees, someone who was almost painful to look at because he was so heart-stoppingly gorgeous. You couldn’t help but think how your life would turn out if you looked like that. But then again you might be so insecure and doubtful of people’s intentions–whether they like you for who you are or how you look. I am glad I will never have to ask myself that question. With their stage names painted onto their chests and their company name on their backs, you soon realise that this exquisite species of perfectly made-up human beings is nothing more than an object, poised to dazzle and lure you into buying them, not unlike shiny new cars or a sassy new shirt in the display window (as their short shelf-lives continue to wane). When you start looking at them like that, you immediately clip their angel wings and they fall straight down to Earth. Oh, and most of them are just gay-for-pay anyway.

Kris getting "BelAmi Online" painted on his back

The BelAmi videographer that night was Lukas–the star wearing the most layers. He has retired and moved behind the camera (directing online BelAmi clips) and I guess wasn't there to outshine the other younger actors. That being said, this veteran has aged really well and looks much better than when he was just a cherubic piece of teen meat in the market. As the videographer, he did not have much time to rest and were there filming everything (I will keep checking the BelAmi site for the Mardi Gras coverage) including us queuing forever in front of the portaloos waiting to change into our (ill-fitting Aussiebum) official DNA swimwear. I have always thought that Aussiebum swimmers are cut too baggy in front and that was once again affirmed that night. For people who are not in the know, behind this free-for-all spectacle called Mardi Gras, there is a strict set of rules everyone who is part of it must adhere to. For instance, what the participants wear must not show any labels or brand names because that would impact on advertising rights. That was why our swimmers only came with a very small almost-invisible tag. FYI, DNA also provided enhancement tools a.k.a. cock rings but a one-size-fits-all policy did not go well on me–I chucked it away soon after I got it.

Lukas documenting the event all the way.
I now need to search BelAmi Online for the video

The pair of swimmers we got to wear was rather translucent and when they were wet, oh, you could see EVERYTHING, which was what they were meant for (a little more on why later). After changing into our parade attire, we played the waiting game (our float was one of the last few to set off). And then it started to rain intermittently–talk about good timing. The weather was not that warm to begin with and whenthe rain came, it was downright chilly. We had to huddle under the bus shelter for warmth away from the shower–that was when I really saw the diverse groups in unity with a common goal.

All the DNA float hotties. Now where am I...?

To pass the time, a group of us went visiting other floats (one of the highlights of any parade participant). I went social-butterflying with one of the more approachable (and rare) guys who did not put up an air around him that screamed I-am-gay-and-beautiful-so-you-cannot-touch-me. This friendly American (Eric) was bursting with positive energy and if you were there, you would think that he knew every single person at the marshalling area. Did I mention he was scrumptious too? Cute AND humble, now that’s a combination. We had lots of fun–hungry but lots of fun (I did not have a chance to grab dinner). I also saw some familiar faces and it was good–I needed some grounding with all the porn celebrities prancing around me.

The stars of BelAmi–fresh from Xtube to Oxford Street

Finally at about nine, we set off into the screaming spectators lining both sides of the parade route. Our float comprised of four jeeps with a fixed number of porn stars and marchers assigned to each. It was a car-wash theme and that explained the sponges in our hands. Some of us (ie. me) had the unenviable task of carrying each of the two buckets allocated to every jeep which was filled with water (although we were told to take turns carrying them). We were supposed to clean the cars, wet ourselves (hence the sheer costume), sponge down one another and maybe even the porn stars. But things quickly went “downhill” as we started splashing each other with water. To make things worse, the porn stars started throwing plastic bags of water from their jeeps at us, soaking us completely from head to toe. In the already-cool night with a steady breeze, the water dropped the temperature a few more degrees and I was literally shivering. At one point in time, one of the porn stars “Luke” overturned a full bucket on top of me and then we high-fived each other a few seconds after. It was all great (frigid) fun and sure enough, we ran out of water a fifth into the march (we also started flinging water onto the crowd–they didn’t seem to get enough of the liquid coming from us). I think we all achieved the intention of the float organiser (though no one “dared” to really get down and dirty with the porn stars–perhaps we were all too conscious that we were mere mortals).

Getting ready, sponges in hand

Starting off on our water-play session (me being visible for once)

The whole march lasted for about an hour (the wait was much longer) and somehow it felt much shorter than my first march with ACON two years ago. It was also a great shame the DNA float had no lighting and music of its own otherwise it would have been much hotter and sexier, not to mention a whole lot more fun. Thoroughly drenched with my socks drowning in my runners and extremely famished, we made our way back to Oxford Street where I had my usual post-parade kebab. As nourishment slowly permeated my body rebuilding my shield against the nippy air, I noticed the also-usual post-parade carnage–rubbish piled up to the knees. Talking about rubbish, strangely I did not see as many ferals as compared to previous years. That being said, I think there were also fewer spectators. Perhaps adding the word “New” to Mardi Gras was not enough to revive it and this whole institution is indeed getting old, tired and redundant. Before I start an analysis on the history and future of Mardi Gras and its impact on the gay community, let me just end the post here and share some more of the brilliant pictures taken by the float’s official photographer.

Porn stars up close and personal

Hunky advertisements

Another arresting shot of Kris

Taylor Square–the most important part of the route

The shot I like best

As I saw revellers gearing up for the after-party, I felt really lucky to not be the partying sort (in fact I have grown from not enjoying circuit parties to slightly disliking them). I would much rather cuddle my bibi in bed, which was what I did when I got home straight after the parade. Boy do I miss that warm body.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The article (DNA)

Just a quick post to share with you guys the article in the current issue of DNA magazine that has my story and pictures. The Mardi Gras parade is just around the corner and I will definitely be taking pictures of me soaping up BelAmi porn stars on the DNA float! Stay tuned!