Friday, September 30, 2016

Musical journey (74)

Spring is in the air and as the weather warms up, I look forward to having more outdoor fun and possibly photo shoots (I need to shed some winter weight first though). Things still remain frustratingly insecure on the work front but at least for the next month I'll have full-time work (part-time in the city office and part-time on site at the client's company). Apparently I'm not senior enough to be accepted for a position based at the client company yet I'm supposed to be in it temporarily while the person who has vacated that position has gone on leave. That's so irritating! Well I'll grab whatever work that comes along now as beggars can't be choosers and hopefully this temporary work matures into something permanent.

Also the dreaded and extremely pointless performance review is coming up and I'm so going to "cut and paste" everything from last year not only because things are truly the same but also there hasn't been a pay rise for AGES so there's really no incentive for anyone to perform better than others. That being said I think I'd have to seriously contemplate having to go through the arduous promotion process to get myself to a senior level so that I'll have an edge over the others in order to secure my job.

At least today is a public holiday and although I don't like sports and don't comprehend Australia's crazy obsession with it, I'm glad we have this sports holiday as it means that I can save another day of annual leave which I'm constantly being forced to take because of a lack of work. The vexing thing is that there's actually a lot of work but there's just no budget for it so we all end up working extra hours to complete the job for free (I'm doing some work over this long weekend from home). This is how engineering consultancies work i.e. they quote an unreasonably low price and/or compressed schedule to clients to win contracts and then squeeze employees to deliver more work at a faster pace for free, and it sucks.

I think I really need to get into some new hobbies or make some new friends to purge myself of all this angst but I'm lazy and nothing beats vegetating at home. Moreover doing nothing saves money and I need to grow my savings for the rainy day that's creeping closer and closer. I guess things will continue like this till at least the end of the year. Fortunately I still have an excellent hobby that costs nothing which is to compose new music and record covers and this brings us to the topic of the day.

This month's musical journey is a cover of one of my favourite Chinese pop duets by two of the biggest stars in the industry - Jay Chou and A*Mei. This is also the first time I recorded both the male and female parts and I really enjoyed it. Although I don't know what the plot of the MTV is all about, the tune is the thing that I like. It's also a tough one to cover because unlike traditional pop duets, the male and female vocals constantly switch between the lead melody and harmony roles. This complex tune can only come from someone who has strong musical training and Jay certainly has that. So have a listen and tell me if I should cover more duet songs like these OK?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Naked in the woods... again! (part 3)

Now that Picassa is gone and photos are managed using Google+, it all gets very confusing and frustrating. You see, Google+ is much more prudish in terms of nudity and they have banned me from adding more pictures because of the recent photos I have posted from this series. The aggravating part is they have not given me a chance to reverse that ban because I cannot even go in and delete those photos since they have locked me out indefinitely. However I have just found a loophole and managed to upload new pictures via my phone (they strangely only enforced this ban when accessed via the PC). This means that the slideshow you see on the left can still be kept abreast of my new pictures.

This buying of companies and amalgamation of applications is SUCH a pain and it looks like it will only get worse. Fortunately I can still post new pictures on this blog even though Blogger is owned by Google and I should thank my lucky stars and not continue whingeing right? I need to find a program or an easy way to back up my 260 blog posts that stretch 8 years though before anything bad happens and I need to do that soon. In the meantime I shall present the pictures that conclude this series (the first two parts are here and here). This last batch contains the only colour picture which really gives you a feel of the green jungle we were in that day. Do you prefer black-and-white or colour? Feel free to leave your comments especially if you are interested in the uncensored shots as I do have them featured in my photo book. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Naked in the woods... again! (part 2)

Sigh. It looks like I spoke too soon in my previous post when I said I have been kept busy with full-time work and hence a new photographic series with minimal writing would be a good lazy way out because from next week I will be back to part-time work (3-day week and then a 2-day week thereafter till the end of the month when it becomes a 0-day week). However I am chasing after several internal engineering and non-engineering opportunities at the moment and I hope that my resilience, perseverance and at least one of these pursuits works out.

The attention-whoring however must go on since I have to continue what I started and so today I am posting the second part of my Mount Coot-tha series shot in Brisbane (the first and third parts are here and here). When you are one with nature in a place where you can truly be nude without a care in the world, the best in you is brought out. Raw and uninhibited, here are the next nine shots in this series. Please leave a comment to get in touch with me if you want to view the uncensored hard full-frontal shots and I can strike you a deal with my photo book.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Naked in the woods... again! (part 1)

If a tree fell without anyone there to see it come down, would it have made a sound? If I stripped naked in a jungle without a soul around, am I still hot, sexy and muscle-bound? Before you answer that, my next three weekly posts must be absorbed in their entirety so that you can better make up your mind.

It's been a long time since I posted a complete photographic series and the changing of seasons and warmer weather have given me renewed energy and desire to flaunt myself again. As I've recently been quite busy with full-time work back in the Melbourne office, pictorial posts are the lazy and most efficient way out. Hence unnecessary words shall be kept to a minimum.

When I was working in Brisbane back in 2013, I had the pleasure to work with a photographer deep in the woods of Mount Coot-tha. There was an early morning trek which eventually led to my shoes giving way and I had to McGyver my way to a somewhat salvaged pair to safely exit the woods (it was a painful walk to say the least). However it was all worth it as this series landed me a spread in an online UK-based magazine that features full nudes of the most gorgeous men of the world. It was an utmost honour to grace this publication alongside these naked beautiful studs and be associated with that same level of hotness.

Oh yes, this is a full-frontal series with plenty of hardness down there if you know what I mean. Sadly what I'll be sharing here and on social media will only be the censored version. If you want to experience the raw unadulterated power of a muscled Asian body, you can either purchase the online magazine or get in touch with me as I've included these uncensored shots in my photo book (many more full hard-on pictures in there than just the few in the online magazine). OK that's enough talk and I'll now shut up and let you have a moment with the first set (the other parts are here and here). Give me a shout after to tell me what you think!