Sunday, April 28, 2013

Musical journey (34)

Ever since I began working in Australia, I started missing something that I used to dread when I was employed back home—attending corporate team-building events. I used to find them a waste of time and thought that it would be better if we were given a day off instead. It is strange that not many Australian companies do this kind of thing (at least not as commonly as Singaporean ones). Maybe a social night of drinking is what Aussies regard as team-building. I must say I find Australian companies more stingy when it comes to employee benefits (maybe these team-building events are too cost-prohibitive). But then again I have only worked for one so what do I know?

I remember writing a song for my company's team-building event after management found out that I had that talent. It was quite easy writing such songs because the words are very simple and corporate-like (ie. sterile and fake) which do not need to be based on any real story or emotions. However this month's musical journey does not feature my own composition but a song I recorded with a bunch of singers for another corporate event. It was an interesting collaboration and I always enjoy sessions in a recording studio. On top of that I got paid just for lending my voice to this HSR project (HSR being the name of the company). I only wish I had more fun opportunities like that.

So have a listen and tell me how sterile and fake it is!

PS: I have 3 weeks more of my final work rotation in Brisbane and then I will be back in Melbourne (at least there is work planned for me for 3 - 4 months), the place where the political rat race is sure to take its toll on me once again. Sigh, the things we all must do to pay the bills...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The smiling series

I have received many "complaints" that I don't smile enough in my photos and I have always explained that a lot of photographers are looking for that brooding intense and sexy look thereby making smiling out of the question. But truth be told, some photographers I have worked with actually wanted full smiles. I must admit I find it hard to smile in shoots as I find them artificial and made up and when I don't smile, I look either too serious or grumpy. I must really learn to either be sexy and not stern or smiling and not fake. Indeed, I have lots more to learn as a model.

In this post, I shall share a short series of (rare) smiling pictures taken by my friend Rod Spark in the idyllic setting of the River Island Nature Retreat. This was an impromptu shoot during a weekend event at a nudist retreat but it actually turned out quite well. Fortunately someone had a pair of swimming trunks (albeit at a nudist event) that fit me so I could be in these shareable G-rated pics. Of course there is a whole other fully-nude part to this series, which in my opinion because they showcase my oneness with nature, is much more beautiful.

Not too shabby for a completely impromptu session eh? Kudos to Rod! I will have my second Brisbane photo shoot in a couple of days. It will be an outdoor one at night and I am SO looking forward to it!