Saturday, April 15, 2017

Musical journey (80)

It's the Easter long weekend which means that it's full-steam-ahead hermit mode for me as the rest of the world does things outside e.g. going to Bangkok for Songkran. In preparation for the 4-day stay-in I bought "The Last of Us (Remastered)", a PlayStation-exclusive game that I've always wanted to play. This cinematic offering has won a ton of awards and so far it's been great (music, plot and graphics). Hermit mode is also warranted this Easter as a sore throat and cough is kicking in all thanks to the source of the virus, my boo!

On the work front I've made the decision to transit into a full-time role at the plant I was working at based on the most important pull factor a.k.a. job security. In addition to ridiculous project schedules (i.e. stress which is further exacerbated by three process engineers leaving the company by the end of the month) I'd have to deal with a new incompetent lead who not only sucks technically, she (yet another lousy female boss!!!) also has zero people skills and doesn't take responsibility despite being required to do so as the discipline focal point. The only consolation I guess out of this is the initiative that has been started by a few to either drive her away via passive-aggressive hostility or to demote her by forcing the managers to make her complete a competency assessment. "Interesting" times ahead indeed.

That's the latest update from me and now it's on to the composition that I'll be sharing with you today. This is a song written when I was in the army and was entered in a university song-writing competition (I didn't win anything). It's a fictional love story in which A remains with a cheating B despite having full knowledge of the indiscretion. Yes it's a boring tale but it's a very real one, especially in the sea of loveless marriages out there in the straight world where couples stay together just for the kids. I pity these people yet I can't empathise with them because it's a predicament that I'll never be in (because I'm smart enough).

I used Garage Band for the backing track and the clip was a winter scene taken off YouTube. Although putting all this together seems simple it does take some time because you have to factor in recording, editing, subtitling and encoding. However an MTV like this is in my opinion the neatest way to document a song and this is the 61st I've posted to date. You can expect many more to come but for now enjoy this latest stop in my musical journey.


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

对或错    我不过问


别管是与非    可不可能

在梦里    你还是一样逼真
你身影    从没有纠缠过一丝悔恨


这一生   只爱你一人

[Fallen for Someone]

I've fallen for someone
And it's been a journey full of hardships
But I don't mind getting weary and fatigued
And I don't question what's right and wrong

He's fallen for two
And with that comes great responsibility
A never-ending tussle plays out in his heart
That's the origin of all his pain

The more we love the deeper we get hurt
As we repeatedly wipe the tears off each other's faces
We refuse to see what's impossible
And refuse to let the world separate us
For that one kiss I'm willing to wait countless autumns and springs

I've fallen for someone
Who remains as real in my dreams as in person
Although he's never expressed any regrets
It remains in his heart that he keeps open for me

The more we love the deeper we get hurt
As we keep scratching at our open wounds
As long as fate takes care of us
All risks will turn into dust
And we won't feel cold even when blanketed by snow

I've fallen for someone
And in this life I'll only love him