Saturday, June 30, 2018

Missing summer nudity

Brr... It's so cold today and it makes me miss summer just a little, like the summer in 2012 when I've just moved to Melbourne from Sydney. To better orient myself to the new city, I went straight for a nude public photo shoot just three days after I've arrived when my new apartment was not even properly set up. OK, I admit my exhibitionistic streak outweighed everything else - hehe.

It's been a long while since I've posted shoot pictures here but this month you can finally feast your eyes on the snaps from my first-ever shoot in Melbourne. I remember heading onto the tracks of Southern Cross station's platform 14 (which is the platform I use every morning to work now!) and exposed every inch of my body without a care in the world. We also snuck into the stairwell of the Block Arcade and did some shots there. We were in luck as it was early on a Sunday morning and so many places were empty. It was such great thrilling fun!

You might have seen some of these pictures as I've shared some individually but this is the first time I've posted the entire series. I'd love to do more shoots like this but at even more daring places (and of course in warmer weather). Of the entire series, my favourites are the ones in front of this concrete wall at a construction site as it had so much character (too bad there weren't hot tradies there to tantalise). Tell me which is your favourite!

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