Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nuding it up again

The final edits from my last shoot are out and they can be shared with my friends at last. This shoot took place at the Harold Park tram shed in Glebe. It was an amazing site and a photographer's dream. The setting was urban and run-down with a creative flair and a tinge of unpredictability. It was also the location of many celebrities' music videos and I guess with the backdrop of the abandoned trams, it is of no surprise. However sneaking into this gigantic locked premise was a challenge but we were lucky that day as we were directed by someone familiar with that place to enter via a very obscure secret entrance. Shooting nude when there was broken glass everywhere was a danger and I even cut my left sole but it was all worth it in the name of art. I might return to the same location for another shoot with a different photographer but that can wait for I have another nude studio shoot confirmed this weekend (more to come too seeing that the weather is warming up). I am so looking forward to it. Enjoy the pictures!


Unknown said...

What's with the hair cut?
Me likes the third last photo the best - looks less "posey" and shows off the muscle definition pretty well.

Kim said...

Hehe. I was worried that there is no comment on this post and you came to the rescue.

3rd last? You mean the one with me sitting on the row of chairs? I am surprised you like that because I am so small in that picture.

That is not a hair cut, it is the lack of one. I let it grow long to see how I look but got sick of it. Someone actually commented that I look better in that hair cut. Well, to each his own.

So where is your next holiday destination? Australia?