Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Musical journey (55)

I have finally endured long enough to see the end of my third rotation in Papua New Guinea and boy do I miss civilisation, my boo and my upcoming trip back home to Singapore for Chinese New Year. I will not say too much about me missing my boo because I have written a song about it and all that I feel is in that song. The tune and words for the chorus came to me one morning as I was on the shuttle bus travelling from camp to site. I quickly recorded that down and finished the rest of the song on the flight back to Melbourne at the end of my previous rotation. Now it is ready to be heard by the world and of course by you-know-who.

Boo, I am coming home tonight!


Through the mist way up high, I can see with sleepy eyes
A home away from home to which I've said goodbye
We call it paradise to speed up the time
Where cannibals still thrive amongst the feuding tribes

Never mind rain or shine, we push on a day at a time
The shit pile's getting higher for us to climb
Those darn lazy asswipes, I just can't get them all in line
My face is tired from smiling, still I have to try

Another day in paradise, the sun is just about to rise
Where you can almost touch the clouds getting in the light
As the mountains reach the sky

Another day in paradise, can't wait to leave this all behind
So I can see the smile in your eyes that you can't hide
With your arms opened wide, I'm coming home tonight

Gone for four weeks at a time, that's not what I had in mind
The things we all have to do to pay our bills on time
But when you're on the home-bound flight
Your love's waiting to hug you tight
Nothing else matters, you'll know the path you're on is right

PS: Looks like it's official. I am doing a good job in PNG indeed! Here are the positive comments I received from the Deputy Production Superintendent which I forwarded to all the relevant bosses. This certainly ends my third rotation on a good note!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My first photo book!

Pictures from more than 30 photo shoots spanning over 7 years of my modelling career have finally been compiled in a 64-page glossy A4 landscape photo book. Jam-packed with nearly 180 of the best pictures carefully selected by myself, this pictorial is sure to make an excellent addition to your coffee table book collection. Regardless if you are into swimwear, underwear, implied nudes or full-frontals ranging from the artistic to erotic, there are plenty of shots that will excite and tantalise. It is not easy to find a page that is totally G-rated without complete nudity but here are some of these pages and pictures as a preview, including the picture featured on the cover.

Also, some of the people who have obtained a copy of the book have the following to say:

H from London:
"Kim is photogenicevery part of him. I especially enjoyed his outdoor pictures, where he is standing in the forest wearing nothing but a smile or splashing about in the river having fun. He dares to be bare in some surprising public places, but no one can object to beauty wherever it is. I will be coming back to it again and again to keep his Asian handsomeness fresh in my mind."

Richard from New York:
"I admit I love and adore all things Kim! But even I could not have imagined such a spectacular and incredible book. Every picture of Kim is exceptionaltrue artistry in every pose, smile, and flex! These images really highlight his extraordinary body and handsome face. Although I can never spend enough time admiring his perfect abs, incredible quads, and sexy calves, there are enough imagines here to keep me satisfied for a very long time!"

Anonymous from Singapore:

"In terms of postures and photo taking, the pictures are indeed professionally, if not, well taken. I presume that there is no lighting but the effect is like as though there is. The photo book is made of good - very good - paper quality. Even though Kim may not be trained in modelling, he has what it takes to produce such a pictorial. With training, he will be even better. Next time he should be even more daring - have a picture of him cumming. That will surely attract attention. I think so far, none of my magazines have that. :)"

Lester from Singapore:

"A devilishly seductive piece of work. Every page you flip only serves to tempt you with more images that are both artistic and erotic. Feast your eyes on the beauty of Kim's body as well as the beautiful sceneries chosen as backdrops. You will wish that the figure in the book to come alive before you."

If you want to see these printed pictures uncensored or are interested in getting your hands on a book, please comment on this post and I will provide you with further details. You can access more shots by clicking the links to my pictures on the left on my blog under the heading "my shoots". If you would like some uncensored preview shots to help you better decide, you can also leave a message here.

I look forward to reading all your comments!