Friday, January 31, 2020

Musical journey (113)

Hello from hot and humid Singapore! I've been busy catching up with the 3 F's that I miss so much—family, friends and food, and I'm having a great time. I'll post details of my trip through Facebook post snippets over the next few months so I'll keep this post short. I've also recorded new musical clips this trip (both of me busking and me singing topless in a KTV room) and will be sharing them once I've done some quick edits.

I'll be flying back to Melbourne in about a week's time and then it's a day of rest before heading back to work. I hope that there's something lined up for me because no one is responding to my email asking for updates. I really don't want to worry about that during my vacation so I better stop whingeing. I also hope the Melbourne air quality wouldn't be bad upon my return and that the coronavirus outbreak there is totally contained.

For this month's musical post, I'm covering a Hokkien song by Taiwanese singer 蕭煌奇 called "上水的花" which means "the most beautiful flower". I don't follow Hokkien pop music but I do listen to his songs and that was where I discovered this gem. I like this song for its melody not for its lyrics as they are pretty run-of-the-mill. It has a pretty dramatic MTV in which a man kills his terminally-ill lover to end her suffering though it isn't obvious in the clip whether or not it was consensual.

See you all back in Melbourne soon!