Sunday, January 28, 2018

Musical journey (89)

You must have realised from the past months that I'm getting really lazy with posting on this blog which I started as a means to document the next phase of my life when I relocated from Singapore to Australia. Yes you're right, I'm indeed getting lazy. That's because my life is getting quite boring and I'm basically revolving between work and staying at home with the occasional socialising. I know it's my fault but I just feel so dead after a stressful work week and all I want to do is to vegetate on my off days. One other thing that impedes the development of my social circle is the fact that I don't drive but that's something I've made peace with years ago.

All that being said, things are getting slightly better as I've recently got acquainted with a new group of friends who are fellow exhibitionists and nudists and we've gone on several fun outings together. For instance, I've been with them to the nude Sunnyside beach and attended my first-ever nude masquerade ball as part of Midsumma 2018 celebrations. I've included a snap from that event below - can you guess which one is me? Let's hope my life outside work will improve this new year because my dead-end job with no career-development prospect is seriously not worth it.

Well that's enough whingeing for now. Here's my musical sharing for this month and is something that I'm trying for the first time since I have so much free time on my hands at home - my first musical collaboration with my sister. When I saw that she has set up her home recording "studio", I knew we had to do this especially now that I also have my proper recording microphone. I recorded my part first and sent it over for her to do hers. We then both attempted to mix the tracks together and the best-sounding one was selected in the end. A safe oldie was selected for this first attempt and I'm sure there will be many other collaborations with newer songs should this be a success. So here's our rendition of  你最珍貴 by 張學友 (Jacky Cheung) and 高慧君 (Francesca Gao). What do you think?