Sunday, March 31, 2019

Musical journey (103)

A friend's mother passed away recently and her wake took place last month. His family is a close-knit one and so I could only imagine the grief they went through. At that time, I sent him a musical tribute via Whatsapp and Facebook covering Josh Groban's "To Where You Are" which was one of my favourite songs. He thought it was a really nice gesture although I felt that wasn't enough as I was so far away in another state and knew I had to do more.

I remembered he once told me that no one has sung to him before and so I decided there and then to write a song dedicated to him and his love for his mother. The plan was to offer this gift the next time we met by singing it to him and I'm so glad I did just that yesterday when we caught up.

I had to watch my trembling voice carefully and not let emotions take over my control. Tears were however streaming down his eyes by the end when we hugged. Though he thanked me (which is something everyone would do), that was really not required because the important thing to me is to do this for him and what I do or don't get in return doesn't matter.

Music is a very powerful thing especially when it's written and expressed from the heart. This song and its effect on and meaning to my friend reiterated this fact to me. I'll continue to compose and sing from my heart till the day I physically can't do it anymore, this I can promise to all those who like my music. Hope you will also be touched by this song "Remember".


I could see sweet memories in your eyes
Feel the warmth of your hands when I held them tight
I could hear tenderness even when you sighed
Every fading day we stood strong to fight

We can lose our way and each other in our lives
But we will find ourselves back together if we try

I remember the first time I saw you cry
Right to the last time we said goodbye
Because your heart is tied to mine
The flame flickers but it will never die

I will not forget the sad and the glad times
Even though you are no longer by my side

I want to see your face again with that smile
Filled with pride from a mother to her child
Let me be in your arms again just for a while
Just for a little while

I can see sweet memories in my mind
Feel the warmth of your hands when I close my eyes
In you lies the strength on which I rely
Lessons of love you've taught and left behind

Up high you will always be our guiding light
As you dance amongst the stars tonight

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