Saturday, March 25, 2017

Musical journey (79)

I promised previously that I'm going to inject new life into my musical posts and so deliver I shall. As you might know my Nude Singer Facebook page officially ended many years ago as described here, along with the MOST daring picture ever shared on this blog. Since then I've been itching to do something along those lines again. So what better way to reignite that flame than to record myself singing topless in a KTV in super short shorts that leave nothing to the imagination?

Getting the phone camera in the right position plus the frigid cold of the KTV room both made the job a whole lot tougher. You'll also notice that my abs are practically non-existent in the clip and that's because of my overeating during the Chinese New Year period. Yes, the clip was taken in Singapore last month where I did lots documented in these posts (1 2 3).

I've since gotten my precious six-pack back but alas you can't photoshop videos to make yourself look better, well not easily anyway. At least there's my singing to compensate for the poor abs right? I really hope it doesn't make it worse as I've created many more clips that day that I'll be sharing in the coming months!

The first of this series features one of my favourite songs from the talented Jewel. I was really into her back in my army days and she's also one of the songwriters who gave me the inspiration to write. Without further ado here's my cover of "Break Me" (the original version is here). Be kind OK?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 3)

Boo has left for a 6-day trip back home yesterday and though a little depressing it's the best time to start a new Playstation 4 Pro game "Horizon: Zero Dawn" which has really amazing graphics. Work has been crazy recently and that's the reason why I'm not joining him this time round to Ashby. I bet he'd have lots of yummy food but I also know that nothing comes free as a lot of heavy-duty household chores await. Whatever he's doing I'm missing him around the house and our frequent playful banter. The weather here is also getting cooler as autumn sets in so the emptier bed doesn't make things better. The weather there however is rainy and there's a chance that area might flood so perhaps I'm not missing much.

On the work front I've initiated the much-needed conversation between the bosses of the two company divisions and I should get an update soon as to whether I'm allowed to move from one to another. If I'm barred from transferring I'll choose another gig with better job security as that is still paramount. Without a formal transfer the boss of the new division has less responsibility to find me work and I might be stuck in a no-man's zone as I would have sort of burnt the bridge with my current division. I hope this uncertainty will pass soon. 

In the meantime here's the last part of my Singaporean Chinese New Year series (the other parts are here and here). You can also look forward to a whole new exciting version of my musical journey next week!

More friends and dishes crossed off the "to do" list. That's always a good thing in my book.

After a relaxing coffee break with a D24 durian egg tart (where are these in Melbourne???), it's time to go shopping for my husband. If you know what I'm searching for him you'd also think how lucky Ision is to have a hubby like me!

Why is this shop broadcasting its CCTV stream on the big screen to the public???

Post-movie snacks with mummy as rat racers go back to their tracks. Such is life.

This Sentosa Resorts World receipt has been making its rounds on social media. $130K on alcohol and $55K on a special dish with a total bill of almost $240K and a GST amount enough to feed a poor family for a year. Still need proof that Singapore is one of the top money-laundering capitals of the world?

Uniqlo and H&M used to be special. Now they are seen side by side so frequently as if they are long-time rivals McDonald's and KFC. If only clothes becomes cheaper when the clothing lines become more commonplace.

Apparently some people don't know the meaning of the word "spaz"...

Another interesting shop name spotted. This time it's an almost-registered trademark infringement.

Hmm... Should I or should I not...

Mum's cooking tonight... Totally worth skipping lunch for! Thanks Mummy!

This is supper - my reward for giving mummy a 30-minute massage. Craving for glutinous rice balls sated. #还没元宵就急着要吃汤圆

Can you spot the thing that triggered a split second of excitement in me? 😉

The lychee soft serve is not too bad but that's not the point of this. Act cute selfie time!

There are plenty of ways to invest your money in Singapore and sometimes the opportunities appear side by side. With such paltry savings interest rates here, which one do you think is a better bet?

The gathering that took quite a bit of effort to arrange. Though not all were present, it was still a good catch-up nonetheless.

More snapshots of my gastronomical adventures on the little red dot. I wonder what I shall eat next...

Glad I could visit the venue of my wedding and previous shoot before I leave. Yummy as usual!

Don't know when was the last time I had cake in a cafe but these are nice - red velvet and gula melaka pandan.

With supper last night and such a scrumptious breakfast prepared especially for me by mummy, how can I not get fat?

Belated ang paos from Mummy. Better late than never! And there's one for you too Ision so no more whingeing from you ww!

The last to-eat item has officially been crossed off my list. I can now leave in peace tomorrow.

Taking a moment to appreciate the fruits of mum's laborious green thumbs dotted around the flat before starting to pack for my flight.

Last chance to savour mummy's cooking. The plan is for her to visit me in Melbourne this Christmas. I guess that's when I'll next get to taste mother's love.

Early check-in = fuss-free relaxation over coffee. I hope no one sits beside me for my upcoming overnight flight so I can have a more restful sleep.

*hyperventilating* Calm down calm down. It's only 6 kids sitting all around you on overnight budget economy with all seats in your row being taken. Thanks Singapore for such an indescribably irritating parting gift even though I really don't want to blame you as I've had a great 18 days. See you again soon! Kim out.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 2)

Looks like another opportunity at work just opened up and now three different sections of the company want me! It's been so long since I felt something positive from being an engineer and I hope it stays that way. With choices unfortunately comes the hard part of making decisions. The three key factors that I need to consider are job security, the experience I want to get so as to branch into work that can be applied across more industries (i.e. still related to job security) and the commute to work (as I don't drive). I've written one choice down already as that place not only requires a long commute, there are no systems in place for us to do work properly ranging from basic things like office space to issues more technical like a lack of equipment specifications. 

As for the other two choices it's job security (the place where I was working at for a month in October last year now wants me to work there full time because they were pleased with my performance) versus the experience I want to get (I want to branch into more "safety and risk" type jobs and I have a 6-month opportunity coming up to do just that but that means I can't start full time in the other role). Also the 6-month gig is based in the city in the division that treats employees better as compared to a total daily commute time of 2 hours for the other posting. Job security is a really important factor though so I can't reject the faraway role as yet. To make matters more interesting, this other division that will likely survive the one I'm in is currently hiring and the boss has told me personally that I'm at the top of the shortlist based on the accolades I've received from people on the current project I'm doing for them. Decisions decisions decisions... 

While I'm pondering my future on the work front, here's something lighter and less burdensome a.k.a. the second part of my Facebook pictorial posts documenting my trip back to Singapore for Chinese New Year last month (the other parts are here and here). Enjoy the snaps, especially the last one!!!

'Off gaigai-ing with Mummy. Such is the life of us taitais. 😄

Another mall untouched by time. This place brings back childhood memories.

Mummy was craving for bak kut teh so that's what we're having 'cos she's the boss!

Ision what do you think of this monstrosity? By the way I have tasted it and the durian is barely noticeable. It's more gimmick than anything else.

I know fresh oysters can be overpriced when served at restaurants but this is something else! From a tourist trap of a hawker centre no less!!!

Me and Roy having dinner at Chinatown Point tonight. We couldn't find the laksa I was craving for so we had to settle for chicken rendang nasi lemak. 😄

Yusheng for one? Who tosses yusheng alone???

Mandatory catch-up with one of my oldest friends and father-to-be (huge congrats)! Looks like 'tis the season to procreate!

Another achievement unlocked - the famed baked cheese tart (plus toasted mackerel otah buns). The tart is nice but still slightly overrated. Now it's on to the next quest in my island-wide search for yummies.

Trophies from my ongoing culinary conquests. Many more to come!

A constant source of frustration whenever I'm in Singapore - confusing block numbers hindering my search for the right one amongst the labyrinth of densely-packed public housing apartments.

Nicely caught up over kopi. Thanks for the company guys (and bear)!

Was looking for the durian version of goreng pisang but couldn't find any. I guess the durian version of curry puff will do for now. The search continues.

This franchise is all over the country right now but why do I always see "poofter" instead of the correct name? I guess it takes one to see one. 😄

The advantage of having dim sum with a group of people is you can order lots and lots to share. The advantage of having dim sum with a group of close friends is you can talk about anything under the sun, no holds barred, and you also get to eat lots and lots. Thanks for a great time, group of close friends!

Seen proudly advertised on a coffee shop's shopfront. The lingering shadow of white supremacy in post-colonial independent Singapore perhaps?

Family dinner and more food - I SO need to go for a jog tomorrow morning. No food pics this time as my collage app refuses to function. Grrrr.

When I'm in Australia I eat to live but here it's the other way round. How can I not when such heavenly fare exists so readily at such low prices? Case in point - fried prawn crackers and popiah.

I can tell that I'm now not as lean as how my previous Singapore trip made me. That must surely be because I'm eating much more this trip. Rojak has been crossed off the list tonight so at least there's one more frenemy down.

An assortment of calorie-laden goodies to fuel my gym session! #NeverUnderestimateTheseDeliciousLittleMorsels

One of the most beautiful sights on earth. An empty gym floor.

I'll never get bored of taking selfies as Iong as I'm still not bored of these sick abs. #WorkingHardForMyWashboard

Saturday, March 4, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 1)

Since my fly-in-fly-out life ended in June last year, I've had less chances to visit Singapore and so my trip back home last month for Chinese New Year was a great chance to spend time with family and catch up with friends. I have a core group of pals I never fail to meet every time I get back and I'm pretty sure my friendship with them will last for my lifetime.

Ever since I got back, I was fully occupied at work which has become much busier since several engineers in my department quit. There's now too much work for the people left in the company and they're again starting to hire (only casuals at this point though). This not only means there's greater job security, there are also more project choices. Capitalising on this, I'm seeking to move into the more profitable division of the company where employees seem to be treated better, both welfare- and career-wise. So far I've received great feedback on my performance and the manager of that division is interested to take me on (he has just told me yesterday that he prefers me to another contender as I perform better than him). There are a few possible projects in the near horizon for me so watch this space as I believe a positive change in my work life is afoot (FINALLY!).

For now let's enjoy the first part of my CNY-in-Singapore series where I share my Facebook pictorial posts made during that period (the other parts are here and here). I apologise in advance if there's an over-representation in the food department - I just ate a lot!!!

This is what I'm talking about! Balmy homeland I am back! Endless precious kopi c now awaits! But now it's the reunion dinner that is worth the 8-hour flight. Later!

Let the feast begin! This is part 1 and part 2 comes in a couple of days. Just gotta hit the gym harder!

Beggars can't be choosers. All places closed on day one of Chinese New Year so have to settle for B grade roti prata. But still better than Australia's!

No amount of hawker-centres-closing-because-of-Chinese-New-Year and holiday surcharges can keep me away from the local dishes I crave and came back home for. Human beings are very adept at sourcing food and as predicted, success. Achievement unlocked - mee rebus.

It's not a crazy idea trekking into Chinatown on CNY day 1 after all as I've been rewarded with this. Kudos to people having the business sense to capitalise on their competitors closing shop. Satay and even more kopi never hurt right?

Apparently we're both too busy in Melbourne and only have time to catch up in Singapore! I guess better here than never! And somehow a gay pub that plays retro cantopop just doesn't feel gay enough!

Best supper ever!

A measly 3 pineapple tarts as breakfast, all because I'm saving up tummy space for what's to come. A yummy measly 3 pineapple tarts though! Oh, and another step in my preparation for what's to come = a much-needed topless jog round the neighbourhood.

The world's best chef (to me) hard at work...

There's enough food for the whole family for at least 3 meals but we're expected to finish all this within 1. Talk about the obsession with the word "abundance" during this festive season. But there's absolutely no complaints here especially when SO much work was poured into this banquet.

Kopi + Bestie. What could be better?

Satisfaction from the simple (food) and important (time with family) things in life, and brekkie with Mummy does both.

Who says one has to sacrifice exercising when on holidays? Thanks for an excellent run and catch up!

Late lunch. It's good chicken rice don't get me wrong but the best? Hmm... (FYI "Best Chicken Rice" is their slogan)

I don't know where Singapore copied this from but it's really great for an ageing population. You scan your senior citizens card at traffic lights to give you more time to cross the road. Excellent idea right?

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise this kind of breakfast is not available in Australia otherwise I might not be able to keep in shape. I'm sure what's staple here is considered heavy for many others. Well, when there's such good food there's really nothing one can do other than eat!

Looks like the Chinese New Year feasts and goodies haven't caused a chink in the armour. #FeelingStrong #AndSexy

I get bombarded with new private properties every time I come back home to this materialistic country where overpriced condominiums are the king of status symbols. The names of these developments are usually lame but this nonsensical one takes the cake!

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach... That full table was supposed to be for one (i.e. me). Mum was there too but she wasn't really eating. Luckily they allow people to tapau at no extra charge. Fat die me.

Lo and behold, the most delectable Asian buns I've seen. Oh the things I'll do to them... The rest of him is delish too! 10 out of 10! By the way the picture doesn't do him justice at all.

If there's a heaven, this would be really close to it.

The shopping centre that time forgot. Talk about retro! Holland Village is such a dump which makes it all the stranger why people think that it's a high class (ATAS) place!

Watch out for part two next week. I'm now off to celebrate my husband's birthday!