Saturday, October 31, 2015

Musical journey (63)

I am now back in Papua New Guinea and I sorely miss hugging and kissing my boo. My time back home is when I do not have to rely on my bolster as my replacement boo, an object of comfort that I kiss and hug every night to sleep whilst in PNG. In fact I have it with me whenever I am travelling (both for business and pleasure) and I am not sure if we are inseparable because of boo or because the whole thing has become a habit (I have also become addicted to its smell). I have had this bolster for the longest time and I have kept it with me even though the cotton filling has once leaked through the fabric and caused it to shrink. I think it is going to stay by my side for many more years to come. For more details on this phenomenon, here is an extremely well-written article.

On a separate note, it is time for this month's musical number and it is time for a cover of yet another Hokkien song after this one posted at the start of the year. This song is the theme from a Taiwanese drama and it is one filled with optimism. The key message the singer is trying to convey to his audience is that all bad things ("dark clouds" as referred to in the song) will pass one day and the sun will come up again and through it all, he will be there by their side. I first heard this on a Taiwanese variety show and fell in love with the melody which is so simple yet emotional and this is what I like about Hokkien songs. You would have known by now that I like to sing in different languages when I do my covers as I like to challenge myself. The title of this song translates to "It is Me" and is not so well-known so I hope with this post, that will change slightly. Enjoy!

PS: It is my 37th birthday tomorrow and boy does time fly past fast or what? There are just three more years before the next major milestone in my life. It would be hard to imagine then calling myself a forty-something but it is something we all have to go through one day and there is nothing much I can do about it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On a Bangkok rooftop

It has been too long since I've posted another photographic series and you're in luck today as I am in the mood for it, feeling all hot and sexy despite the haze in Singapore.

I don't know why but there is something about rooftops that make them a very good photo shoot location. Perhaps it is the view or perhaps it puts the subject in a position of supremacy being on top of the world. Whatever the reason it is, it is the location of a shoot I have done in Bangkok back in May 2011. I know I should have shared this series back then but I guess other things got the better of me.

You will notice that I looked incredibly shredded in these pictures and I actually don't know why. I really don't think my leanness have changed that much since then but somehow veins were popping up everywhere the day of that shoot. I must admit I pumped my body up with various exercises before the shoot but that is an SOP (standard operating procedure) for every shoot so that couldn't be the only reason. Ever since I moved out of Singapore, I have realised that whenever I go back to the tropics (be it Singapore or Bangkok), I always get leaner without having to do anything special. Maybe it is the heat that makes me perspire more and with the extra loss of water, I become more cut. Or perhaps I got lucky and became lean which is not uncommon as alluded on this website.

Because I love this series so much, I have used the first picture below in my Grindr profile since I started using the app. I think Grindr users must be so sick of it by now but you can't deny that it looks really good! The only bad thing about this shoot is there is no nudity as there were others sharing the pool and rooftop area (it was atop an apartment block). The Bangkok-based photographer is Serbian and during that trip, I did this other shoot with him as well. He is really cool to work with because he loves his job so much and this gives him great dedication and focus. I tried to arrange for another session with him when I last visited the Land of Smiles (that trip was documented here, here and here) but our schedules did not match up then. I hope to do another shoot with him in the future.

OK, enough talk. Let's just move on to the pictures already shall we? My faves are #1, #2, #10 and #14. What are yours?