Sunday, February 23, 2020

Musical journey (114)

Hello again from Melbourne! I'm almost done sorting through all the pictures and videos taken during my long break and I'll start sharing them from next week. In case you don't know, I developed a cough whilst in Singapore when the COVID-19 situation was taking off and I saw a doctor immediately upon my return to Melbourne who recommended a 14-day self-isolation just in case since Singapore has the highest number of infected persons outside of China at that time.

Fortunately my manager was fine with this which is to be expected as he and the rest at the office definitely don't want to catch anything. I'm not complaining at all because my 6.5-week break got extended to 2 months with a full fortnight for me to adjust back to Australian life (and to binge on the  PS4 game "No Man's Sky"). Today is the last day of my self-isolation and I've fully recovered with no symptoms (e.g. cough, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath) so I'm all good to return to work tomorrow. I'll keep you updated whether or not I have a OK-enough project waiting for me. Hope I ease back into the office environment well after being off-work for so long.

Whilst my 2-month party is ending, the Sydney Mardi Gras party is currently in full swing. Although I have no real desire to go to Sydney, I must say that Mardi Gras would be the only reason I'd consider visiting the city that I've forsaken for Melbourne (refer to my post here for my Sydney vs Melbourne comparison). After living in Melbourne for many years, I can positively say through my personal experience that overt (face-to-face) racism is a more serious problem in Sydney (I've written about this in detail here), which is a major reason why I left.

Racism remains a problem in Australia and I'm not immune to attacks in Melbourne as I still encounter it on the dating apps (I've included a screenshot example below), which gave me the inspiration to write the song I'm featuring in this month's musical post.

As members of one of the most oppressed communities in Australia, it's imperative that we all rise above racism as LGBTIQ. Our community is also one that knows how to have a good time so in this Mardi Gras season, I'm presenting my attempt at incorporating this important message within a dance anthem. I had great fun composing this piece and I hope you enjoy it while letting your hair down in between drinks and hot men!

[Rise Above]

When you say "no rice" what do you mean?
No slanty eyes, small dicks or just no yellow skin?
These words hit hard like bullets that cannot be seen
It's easier to kill hiding behind a screen

No matter what you utter
I'm proud of my colour
Gonna blow your cover
So run, you better

You can say whatever
But I will never
Succumb to pressure
All together now

I will rise above the pain
And I'll fly beyond the hate
You can no longer touch me

"Go back to where you come from" it's getting old
"FOB" is "fresh off the boat", yes I've been told
It's shit that's coming from those living with a blindfold
So take it off and rid your heart of that frigid cold

A coon, a chink, an Abo
A wog, a spic, a Lebo
A curry munching fellow
All that coming from a gwailo
Let's all leave the shallow
I will lead, you'll follow
So love can have the right place to grow

Put your hands up, if you're with me
If you want change, love is the key
So let's break these chains, and come with me
We will rise above, and set ourselves free

PS: My original draft of the lyrics had "you motherfucker" instead of "so run, you better" to make it more G-rated. On hindsight I should have stuck to the original words. Which line do you prefer?

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