Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Nude Singer: the end (?)

To all my fans, my latest posted picture has landed me a 30-day block by Facebook (the longest yet) and The Nude Singer on Facebook is no longer an accessible page as of today. Isn't it ironic what Facebook did in the face of the message the site is trying to put out there? I am unsure at this moment if it would be reactivated at the end of this block but I am not optimistic about it. I have previously written about how I would feel towards this day's eventuality so I will not cover old ground here. Suffice to say, this event has been predicted and I am thus fully-prepared for it.

If this is indeed the end of The Nude Singer, I would like to thank all you fans for your love, support and encouragement. I will never forget all of you. Please keep The Nude Singer's spirit alive in all your hearts. As a sign of protest and indignation over how my ideals got thrashed, as well as a way to contain this flooding sense of release, here is my full-nude debut just for you loyal loving fans. Facebook prudes, you are so fucking missing out.

The Nude Singer, out.


Kyle said...

Very sad to hear, but not unexpected given Facebook's prudish policies. I really hope you'll reappear in some future incarnation online.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. I don't understand why Facebook can't instill an age-restriction feature for pages only (not profiles). But hey, this is not unexpected like you said so... I guess that's life. Well, so much for spreading to the world what I believe in and who I am.

I changed the admin for the page to a dummy profile owner but they still blocked the creator of the page (Facebook is smart after all). It is extremely disruptive for a regular Facebook-user but more importantly, I would really like to keep my fans in the know of what happened. I don't want to appear like I have forsaken them, and it is upsetting me!

Kim said...

I have just added something exciting. Facebook prudes, you are so fucking missing out.

Anonymous said...

Michael of Dublin says...................I agree .....a hint is so much sexier !
This comment is merited by a lack of artistic recognition on your blog and an unanswered email
Facebook are prudish fools and fail to recognize the difference between Artistic nudes and Porn !!
Good luck with the move
Envied on so many levels

Kim said...

Thanks Michael.

Sorry for forgetting to reply to your email. My mum is visiting and everything's crazy at the moment. I will answer your email when things are calmed down more.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hi again
Dont be discouraged by all this garbage
Concentrate on your new life in Melbourne and time with your mum
Mine was 91 yesterday !!!! And in great form....still driving!
Just remember the possibility of a joint artistic venture....your blog...our pics

Kim said...

Happy birthday Michael!

Thanks again for your kind encouraging words. I have almost fully-put all this behind me. Frankly, I am too busy to care anyway as I have 2 photo shoots coming up!


Anonymous said...

I knew it this would happened... I hate it when Facebook is so close-minded... maybe they are homophobic assholes who can't tolerate men's nudity. Did those to other professional gay photographers too. :(

I hope u will re-activate again. just keep posting... Fxxk FB!!

Bryan Tan (Facebook/Trevvy)

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. My sentiments exactly. So glad to have you as a faithful fan!

Joey Tarzia said...

FB is bizzare! There were nothing wrong with the photos you posted. I have come across pages on FB that showed guys with hard ons, people fucking. You never showed any nudity. I bet FB doesn't even know its own policy.

Kim said...

Hey Joey, nice to see you on my blog. Your Facebook message prompted me to self-tag a picture using a dummy profile to explain my absence. Haha, Facebook is indeed not that smart after all if people can exploit such work-arounds.

Yes, it is all very bizzare to say the least. At first I thought they only react to complaints, but I later began to think that the "Nude" in the page name prompted search-bots to target my pictures over others that truly violate their policies (yes, I have seen those total full-frontal hard-ons).

Well, like what I said in this post, this has been predicted and that I refuse to bow down to Facebook's Draconian rules and so I did what I did. And I am proud of it!

New York must be freezing now. I so miss it! I really have to revisit Manhattan one day and I think I know the perfect person to bunk in with!

Joey Tarzia said...

Well cannot wait for your FB page to be reinstated. as i am the am one who finds looking at your pictures quite stimulating ;-) too bad i could not spy you in secret while you were taking them.

p.s. yes, ny is really cold now. but, my long winter may have a bit of a break, as it looks as if i will be heading to SG for work in Feb/Mar.

Kim said...

Thanks Joey. I am glad I could pleasure you -- I live to please. Hehe.

Wow, how long will you be in Singapore for? Too bad I have moved to Australia otherwise we could catch up.