Saturday, May 28, 2016

Musical journey (70)

Hello from super hot and humid Singapore! I’ve always wanted to attend Pink Dot ever since its inception but the timing was always not right but this year I finally am here for the big event. I was hoping it to take place at night but it will be held in the day this time. I’m so looking forward to being topless with ultra short shorts! I need to get myself a pink pair as soon as possible!

This month’s musical post is one of my first English compositions penned about 15 to 20 years ago (I am so effing old!). This is also a song not from personal experience (I remember I simply wanted to write about an imaginary love story). Needless to mention it’s a gay love story although you cannot really tell from the sexuality-neutral lyrics. The plot is simple–X cheats on Y and thinks that Y doesn’t know. However Y knew a long time ago but let X slide because of how much he loves him.

As you know I never choose scenes from straight movies for my music clips and this one is no different. Personally I feel that this piece is not easy to sing as its range is stuck at the point where you have to switch back and forth between your real voice and falsetto but I tried my best in the recording. I hope you can hear the sadness in my voice as I tried to sing out the desperation Y feels as X slides further and further away from him.


I hear you call out my name, I started to cry
As I run down the stairs right after our fight
The love I have for you hasn't actually died
But giving you one more chance again, I'm too tired to try

Thinking back how we started, before all the lies
We were meant for each other, things just seemed right
Then he came along, someone you tried to hide
But try as you might you don't know I knew it inside

And I let you have your way, I'm often asked why
'Cos I love you and that is why I let you

Slide, slide past the pain in my heart and I let you
Slide, slide away out of sight with your lies
Every night you're with him, every night that I've cried
And I can do it no more, yet I can't help it but let you

Slide, slide from the grasp of my hand, still I let you
Slide, slide from the mess you left in my life
Make love to me tonight for the very last time
So that your touch in my mind, I can memorize


Your touch in my mind, I can memorise

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