Sunday, September 16, 2018

Musical journey (97)

Spring has officially sprung and it's time to really take advantage of the warmer climate (think outdoor fun, shoots, etc.). That's if I can get my butt out of the house! Since getting a new phone, I've been "addicted" to the Smule karaoke app and striking up collaborations with everyone. This is one of the reasons making it just a little bit harder to leave the comforts of my apartment. Of course as a cheapskate, I'm not going to pay for the VIP membership and so can only rely on others to do duets with or ask them to create solo pieces for me.

Also on the musical front, I do need to both start writing more songs and making proper recordings out of my many demos but that would also keep me indoors more. The important thing is balance and that's why I'm glad I've found a friend recently who can drive us to places in the weekends so we can both get out of the city for some fresh air. The fact that I don't drive also contributes to my seemingly hermit lifestyle.

On the work front, due to poor planning by the managers, I'm always in the situation where it's either no work or a lot of work with unreasonable deadlines and I really am starting to get sick of this. Fortunately I have my 11-week break to count down to (my vacation to Singapore starts from the week before Christmas). A two-month re-acquaintance with the yummiest food in the world, spending time with my mum as well as taking short trips to nearby Asian cities are certainly things worth looking forward to.

Now that we're done with the life updates, this month's musical journey features the next topless KTV installment with Leona Lewis's "My Hands". I got to know this song when I was playing Final Fantasy XIII as it was the end-game soundtrack. After spending so much of your time on a game, you can't help but feel emotionally attached to the characters and music at the end. This is why I fell in love with the song and wanted to belt it out topless (the other songs in the topless series are here: 1 2 3 4 5 6). Someone recently left a YouTube comment on one of my offerings in this series saying he got a hard-on viewing the clip. What a great compliment right? 😋

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