Friday, March 30, 2018

Musical journey (91)

You know the nut-bag client I wrote about in my last post? Apparently he did it again with another poor engineer in my department and this time his choice words included "... they should be drowned at birth but you guys should just wear a condom." Unbelievable right? I told my boss I could get my company into a lot of trouble (if nothing's done about it) by going straight to the Fair Work Commission to lodge a formal complaint about workplace bullying. We shall wait and see if I really need to stir shit up to this extent.

Talking about flicking shit around, you know the Project Manager who successfully denied me well-deserved career progression even though I don't report to him? I've decided to stop doing him any favours and make his life as difficult as possible from now by way of a generous use of red tape to slow his progress down. Hopefully his ineptness will then be magnified to a level enough for his manager to take disciplinary action. Fingers crossed!

It was a crazy week working to unreasonable schedules yet again but at least I have the Easter long weekend to allow me to veg completely in an attempt to re-adjust back to some normalcy. This means that I have some time to squeeze in this month's musical post before the first quarter of 2018 ends. Time does fly too when you're not enjoying yourself (at work)!

Here's the next installment of my topless series (previous clips can be found here: 1 2 3 4). This time I cover one of my favourite dance-y songs from a ultra famous Asian singer A*mei (张惠妹). This piece was penned for a Pepsi commercial and hence the clever title "渴了" which means "thirsty" and has the same pronunciation as "cola" in Mandarin. It always puts me in a sexy mood when I sing this song but alas my "dance moves" in the clip failed to match my singing prowess. You know, if I can dance better, go-go dancing will SO be my part-time job as it matches my exhibitionistic streak to a tee. Perhaps I should start taking dance lessons...

Happy Easter everyone!

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