Friday, November 23, 2018

40 shoots at 40 (part 4)

My week of forced leave has officially started but at least there's still a bit of work trickling in and so I'm not bumming it out totally. I've also finally received something in writing regarding my next role (with the redundancy revoked of course) but the start date of 3rd December is still tentative and this worries me a little. Well I guess I'm already in a much better situation compared to a month ago.

By the way, Ision hurt his back at work and hence has to stay at home this week as well so two wrongs do make one right sometimes. Although I'm on leave, I was kept busy shopping for the reward I promised myself if I managed to stay employed. Much time was also spent setting up my new buys with the most expensive item being the top-of-the-line 1TB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7.

Now that the setup is complete, I can finally move on from the prehistoric 4GB RAM desktop I was using that was operating on Windows Vista! This is ultimately a money-saving move not only because I bought the Surface Pro 6 at a 15% discount, I'm more importantly also combining three devices into one (tablet/laptop/desktop = one single desktop). With my new spanking 32" curved monitor also bought at an amazing sale price, I'm truly happy and contented now. I bought my last PC almost 10 years ago and we'll see if it takes 10 more years before I upgrade (assuming it lasts for that long!).

Moving away from updates now... So my milestone birthday month continues with this last part of my "40 shoots at 40" series (entire series is here: 1 2 3 4). The first picture below is my current Scruff profile pic and it's garnering a lot of compliments (perhaps also because I've recently been more visible by woofing at people more). In any case, that particular shoot took place in an abandoned primary school next to my own and was really hot. There are so many other smouldering shots from that series waiting to be edited and posted—I just need to stop being lazy and get to them!

I've always said I would retire my modelling "career" when I've done 40 shoots and although that's still the case, I'll definitely not turn down requests from photographers who want to explore the genres I really want to do (a lot of them are XXX-rated. Haha!). So all I can say is keep watching this space and you might finally find that thing you've been looking for!

#31: Old Rosyth School, Singapore

#32: Redfern Studio, New South Wales (Shoot for "Inside Out" Programme)

#33: Cronulla Sand Dunes, Cronulla, New South Wales

#34: Carriage Works, Redfern, New South Wales

#35: Bukit Batok, Singapore

#36: Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield, Victoria

#37: ACON, Surry Hills, New South Wales (Shoot for ACON's "Do You See Me" Campaign)

#38: Obelisk Beach, Mosman, New South Wales

#39: Melbourne CBD, Victoria

#40: Ekkamai Studio, Bangkok, Thailand (Print On Sale Here)

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