Saturday, March 18, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 3)

Boo has left for a 6-day trip back home yesterday and though a little depressing it's the best time to start a new Playstation 4 Pro game "Horizon: Zero Dawn" which has really amazing graphics. Work has been crazy recently and that's the reason why I'm not joining him this time round to Ashby. I bet he'd have lots of yummy food but I also know that nothing comes free as a lot of heavy-duty household chores await. Whatever he's doing I'm missing him around the house and our frequent playful banter. The weather here is also getting cooler as autumn sets in so the emptier bed doesn't make things better. The weather there however is rainy and there's a chance that area might flood so perhaps I'm not missing much.

On the work front I've initiated the much-needed conversation between the bosses of the two company divisions and I should get an update soon as to whether I'm allowed to move from one to another. If I'm barred from transferring I'll choose another gig with better job security as that is still paramount. Without a formal transfer the boss of the new division has less responsibility to find me work and I might be stuck in a no-man's zone as I would have sort of burnt the bridge with my current division. I hope this uncertainty will pass soon. 

In the meantime here's the last part of my Singaporean Chinese New Year series (the other parts are here and here). You can also look forward to a whole new exciting version of my musical journey next week!

More friends and dishes crossed off the "to do" list. That's always a good thing in my book.

After a relaxing coffee break with a D24 durian egg tart (where are these in Melbourne???), it's time to go shopping for my husband. If you know what I'm searching for him you'd also think how lucky Ision is to have a hubby like me!

Why is this shop broadcasting its CCTV stream on the big screen to the public???

Post-movie snacks with mummy as rat racers go back to their tracks. Such is life.

This Sentosa Resorts World receipt has been making its rounds on social media. $130K on alcohol and $55K on a special dish with a total bill of almost $240K and a GST amount enough to feed a poor family for a year. Still need proof that Singapore is one of the top money-laundering capitals of the world?

Uniqlo and H&M used to be special. Now they are seen side by side so frequently as if they are long-time rivals McDonald's and KFC. If only clothes becomes cheaper when the clothing lines become more commonplace.

Apparently some people don't know the meaning of the word "spaz"...

Another interesting shop name spotted. This time it's an almost-registered trademark infringement.

Hmm... Should I or should I not...

Mum's cooking tonight... Totally worth skipping lunch for! Thanks Mummy!

This is supper - my reward for giving mummy a 30-minute massage. Craving for glutinous rice balls sated. #还没元宵就急着要吃汤圆

Can you spot the thing that triggered a split second of excitement in me? 😉

The lychee soft serve is not too bad but that's not the point of this. Act cute selfie time!

There are plenty of ways to invest your money in Singapore and sometimes the opportunities appear side by side. With such paltry savings interest rates here, which one do you think is a better bet?

The gathering that took quite a bit of effort to arrange. Though not all were present, it was still a good catch-up nonetheless.

More snapshots of my gastronomical adventures on the little red dot. I wonder what I shall eat next...

Glad I could visit the venue of my wedding and previous shoot before I leave. Yummy as usual!

Don't know when was the last time I had cake in a cafe but these are nice - red velvet and gula melaka pandan.

With supper last night and such a scrumptious breakfast prepared especially for me by mummy, how can I not get fat?

Belated ang paos from Mummy. Better late than never! And there's one for you too Ision so no more whingeing from you ww!

The last to-eat item has officially been crossed off my list. I can now leave in peace tomorrow.

Taking a moment to appreciate the fruits of mum's laborious green thumbs dotted around the flat before starting to pack for my flight.

Last chance to savour mummy's cooking. The plan is for her to visit me in Melbourne this Christmas. I guess that's when I'll next get to taste mother's love.

Early check-in = fuss-free relaxation over coffee. I hope no one sits beside me for my upcoming overnight flight so I can have a more restful sleep.

*hyperventilating* Calm down calm down. It's only 6 kids sitting all around you on overnight budget economy with all seats in your row being taken. Thanks Singapore for such an indescribably irritating parting gift even though I really don't want to blame you as I've had a great 18 days. See you again soon! Kim out.

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