Saturday, March 4, 2017

My CNY through Facebook (part 1)

Since my fly-in-fly-out life ended in June last year, I've had less chances to visit Singapore and so my trip back home last month for Chinese New Year was a great chance to spend time with family and catch up with friends. I have a core group of pals I never fail to meet every time I get back and I'm pretty sure my friendship with them will last for my lifetime.

Ever since I got back, I was fully occupied at work which has become much busier since several engineers in my department quit. There's now too much work for the people left in the company and they're again starting to hire (only casuals at this point though). This not only means there's greater job security, there are also more project choices. Capitalising on this, I'm seeking to move into the more profitable division of the company where employees seem to be treated better, both welfare- and career-wise. So far I've received great feedback on my performance and the manager of that division is interested to take me on (he has just told me yesterday that he prefers me to another contender as I perform better than him). There are a few possible projects in the near horizon for me so watch this space as I believe a positive change in my work life is afoot (FINALLY!).

For now let's enjoy the first part of my CNY-in-Singapore series where I share my Facebook pictorial posts made during that period (the other parts are here and here). I apologise in advance if there's an over-representation in the food department - I just ate a lot!!!

This is what I'm talking about! Balmy homeland I am back! Endless precious kopi c now awaits! But now it's the reunion dinner that is worth the 8-hour flight. Later!

Let the feast begin! This is part 1 and part 2 comes in a couple of days. Just gotta hit the gym harder!

Beggars can't be choosers. All places closed on day one of Chinese New Year so have to settle for B grade roti prata. But still better than Australia's!

No amount of hawker-centres-closing-because-of-Chinese-New-Year and holiday surcharges can keep me away from the local dishes I crave and came back home for. Human beings are very adept at sourcing food and as predicted, success. Achievement unlocked - mee rebus.

It's not a crazy idea trekking into Chinatown on CNY day 1 after all as I've been rewarded with this. Kudos to people having the business sense to capitalise on their competitors closing shop. Satay and even more kopi never hurt right?

Apparently we're both too busy in Melbourne and only have time to catch up in Singapore! I guess better here than never! And somehow a gay pub that plays retro cantopop just doesn't feel gay enough!

Best supper ever!

A measly 3 pineapple tarts as breakfast, all because I'm saving up tummy space for what's to come. A yummy measly 3 pineapple tarts though! Oh, and another step in my preparation for what's to come = a much-needed topless jog round the neighbourhood.

The world's best chef (to me) hard at work...

There's enough food for the whole family for at least 3 meals but we're expected to finish all this within 1. Talk about the obsession with the word "abundance" during this festive season. But there's absolutely no complaints here especially when SO much work was poured into this banquet.

Kopi + Bestie. What could be better?

Satisfaction from the simple (food) and important (time with family) things in life, and brekkie with Mummy does both.

Who says one has to sacrifice exercising when on holidays? Thanks for an excellent run and catch up!

Late lunch. It's good chicken rice don't get me wrong but the best? Hmm... (FYI "Best Chicken Rice" is their slogan)

I don't know where Singapore copied this from but it's really great for an ageing population. You scan your senior citizens card at traffic lights to give you more time to cross the road. Excellent idea right?

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise this kind of breakfast is not available in Australia otherwise I might not be able to keep in shape. I'm sure what's staple here is considered heavy for many others. Well, when there's such good food there's really nothing one can do other than eat!

Looks like the Chinese New Year feasts and goodies haven't caused a chink in the armour. #FeelingStrong #AndSexy

I get bombarded with new private properties every time I come back home to this materialistic country where overpriced condominiums are the king of status symbols. The names of these developments are usually lame but this nonsensical one takes the cake!

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach... That full table was supposed to be for one (i.e. me). Mum was there too but she wasn't really eating. Luckily they allow people to tapau at no extra charge. Fat die me.

Lo and behold, the most delectable Asian buns I've seen. Oh the things I'll do to them... The rest of him is delish too! 10 out of 10! By the way the picture doesn't do him justice at all.

If there's a heaven, this would be really close to it.

The shopping centre that time forgot. Talk about retro! Holland Village is such a dump which makes it all the stranger why people think that it's a high class (ATAS) place!

Watch out for part two next week. I'm now off to celebrate my husband's birthday!

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