Sunday, February 27, 2011

Musical journey (10)

To you, the homophobic religious nutcase as well as the more temperate bigot cloaked in ignorant conservatism, to you, the juvenile and intellectually-blind racist, to you, the one at work who thinks that I need to be as lazy as you to fit into your culture, to you, the lifeless killjoy who whinges about my pictures and everything else, to you, the drama queen who thinks that the world revolves around you, to you, the closetted one who tries to censor me based on jealousy and insecurity, to you, the man I have loved who brought me down with hurt, to you, I present this song.

A concoction of my attitude towards life, penchant for nudism and modelling, gay pride elements and a seductive beat, this unapologetic expression of self-identity crystallises all I want to convey to you naysayers into a nice little package and is my perfect Mardi Gras anthem.

"Are you looking at me?"

[Are You Looking At Me]

When it's time to show
My inhibition's out the window
In front of the flashlight
That's where I call my home
I'm all exposed

Do you think that I care what you want, what you think
What the fuck
In your face, I will shout, I'll be loud and be proud
You can never tear me down
You're just a hurt little boy with a big, big mouth
You might think I'm the devil in Armani, you'd be right
I'm too huge, you can't take it sitting down
I don't care, waste your breath, knock yourself out if you want
'Cos it's time for my close-up and I'll show you how it's done

Are you looking at me
Do you like what you see now
Tell me how I can please
And not just be a tease
Don't stop looking at me

Peel away my clothes
Till there is nothing left but my soul
And I'm standing right in front of all your eyes
How can you say no

I'm a man, I need love, I want sex, I don't beat around the bush
Add drama to some bullshit, that's crap and you know it
Don't try to drag me down, that's not the way I wanna live
I'm a realist, I'm a dreamer, I'm all hard logic
Can't you see we're all different, so let me run with it
Do chill, relax, I'm naked, nothing up my sleeves

Are you looking at me
Am I all that you dream of
There's a fire in me
Burning out of my reach
Can you put it out please now

This is my first-ever attempt at writing in this genre so please be kind in your comments. Happy Mardi Gras! And no more bad luck for me this year please!

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