Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Nude Singer's debut

For my friend’s big four-o last month, I performed at The Midnight Shift for his birthday party which was kind of a debut for The Nude Singer. I was fretting over the least cheesy way to incorporate both the “singer” and “nude” aspects and finally decided on the most appropriate option to reveal some flesh yet not appear too extreme—it was a debut after all.

I was rather satisfied with my performance and I also received a lot of good feedback but I think I will let you decide for yourself.

PS: As we started late, I was pushed to continue right after my first song without having a chance to plug my website. I will try harder next time—if only someone is willing to hire me to perform at their functions…


Anonymous said...

very nice song and extremly nice body. love it

Kim said...

Thanks! I love my voice, my song-writing talent and yes, my great bod!