Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Kim a day (part 3)

I hope you are enjoying the pictures from this series [1] [2] so far. Here is another installment of good old Kim in case you cannot get enough of me. If that is not the case, let me persuade you to want more of me with these photos. I really enjoy putting myself out there like this and I will continue doing it till no one finds me desirable anymore.


Chris said...

You're looking fierce. And there is something of Yoko Ono about you in the sunglasses-but I just saw her exhibition at the Serpentine today so perhaps it's just the proximity in time. Great pics as usual.

Kim said...

Yoko Ono. Hilarious! Yes, a lot of people do tell me that I look too fierce or stern or even as if I am about to cry in my pictures. Some photographers also commented that I need to work on my expression.

Well I can use "I am not a professional model" as an excuse but I must say I am damn bloody close to one. That being said, I have been told by some photographers that I pose better than a lot of the real models they have worked with. So it is a mixed bag.

Long story short, thanks for being a fan Chris and watch out for the last installment of this series!