Sunday, September 16, 2012

Musical journey (27)

A lot of times breakups come very suddenly with no warning at all and worse still with no proper reason and hence no closure. This leaves the jilted stuck in a never-ending loop of asking questions that can never be answered. In this month's musical journey I am bringing you the story of someone facing such a predicament, something none of us wants but almost every one of us faces at one point in time in our love history.

This musical journey post is also a little different from the ones in the past as I will also be putting up the raw demo track I rudimentarily recorded as I was writing the song with nothing more than simple guitar chords, a notebook and a pen. You can see (or rather hear) that with just very simple accompaniment and a studio-recording of the track, it gets totally transformed. I really yearn to have my songs being professionally-arranged and -recorded one day for I am sure they can be even greater.

Also as spring starts here in Melbourne, what is more apt than a video of icicles melting? I hope you like this musical offering.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉

灯熄灭, 寂寞蔓延

痛凝固约子夜, 两点
花在凋谢, 晚餐冷却



让他走, 他不会回头
转身走, 别再回头


You walked out of my world
I walked into the darkness of night
Lights out
Loneliness creeping
Reddened eyes

The heart starts to fissure
Pain goes into form from midnight to 2 a.m.
Flowers wilting
Dinner's cooling
Eyes never leaving the screen of the phone

When love came I held on tight
Why did you force me to let go
I have given all of my heart
Which is still not enough in the end

When I summoned all my courage
To ask for a reason why
“We’re too different” is all you could say
Why then did you choose me from the start

Let him go
For he will never turn back
It’s time to turn around
And never look back


Unknown said...

Really good song, I heard it along some rain sounds and its so beautiful.

Kim said...

Thanks buddy. Glad you liked it. Rain makes everything sounds good!

Kim said...

By the way, what do you like about the song specifically?

IADW said...

I've followed your blig for a while but this post has had such amazing timing I had to post. It's what I've just been through or coming to the final stages of. I agree it's midnight to 2am that was/is the worst.

Thanks for sharing. From West Australia it was an awesome and well written piece of work.

Kim said...

Thanks Dan. I am glad you like the song but not so glad that it is applicable to your current life situation. Hope 12-2 tonight is better than yesterday's. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Your part time Irish artist here...
What a beautiful piece of music. We have all been there sometime and I hope that is reflects a memory for you and not a current situation.
Musically is hangs together well with reprise etc..nice.
Your tone and pitch is lovely...true notes with clear diction. How strong a voice can you have? Whats a very different song in your blog? And apologies for not listening to every one of them!

Kim said...

Thanks Michael. I really appreciate your kind words. It makes my day knowing that I have such an appreciative listener. Do you understand Chinese? If not, I have also written some English songs.

I also write in different genres and here are some I recommend you take a listen:

Rock and roll
Hip hop
Pop rock

I have also other English songs that I recommend as they are my favourites:

Inspirational theme
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A lot of the English songs have been written for my partner during the long-distance phase of our relationship. And this is the one I wrote for my 4th anniversary with him.

Tell me what you think. I am constantly experimenting with different genres. I think slow ballads are still my niche.

I upload this site with my music very frequently so drop by to listen to new tracks every now and again. There are many more not listed above -- just follow the links on the left hand side of my blog and enjoy!